Battlefields Meeting – all pupils on trip MUST attend!

A meeting for all S2/S3 and S5 pupils travelling to the Battlefields this summer will be held in Ms Armstrong’s room at 1.15pm on Thursday April 26th. It is absolutely essential that all pupils attend. Please mark this in your planners.

S4 pupils go on exam leave from April 24th at 3.45pm, meaning S4 Battlefields pupils will not be in school on the 26th. Please can S4 pupils come and see Mrs Binnie and Ms Armstrong for a short chat on Tuesday 24th April at 1.15pm in Ms Armstrong’s room.

  • We must have ALL paperwork, photographs and passports submitted to us by the end of next week (27th April).
  • We would like payment plans to be up to date by April 30th – please bring any outstanding monies in as soon as is practicable.
  • We will be discussing room options, dietary requirements, spending money, tuck provision and other important matters that need dealt with. It is essential that all attend.

Thank you

Mrs Binnie, Miss Armstrong, Lee Moore and Mr Kelly

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