Holland 2012: Day 3

Hi from Valkenburg,

We’ve had a great day in Phantasialand.  The sun didn’t shine much, but at least the rain stayed off until most of us were already soaked.  The prize for the soggiest Y-fronts goes to Brodie, who waddled and squelched back to the bus having barely survived a marathon outing on the River Quest.  The park was really quiet and the queues were very short allowing us to make repeated use of all the attractions.

The award for the quickest revisited breakfast goes to Libby, who this morning made it to the bus only to have her stomach turn before the wheels.  This is not only her PB, but, we think, the quickest Preston Lodge time set since records began.

Highlights on tonight’s Animoto are Mrs Hoban with two dragons, our Health Promoting School snacks and lots of happy travellers having fun.  Look out also for the Karaoke, bowling and boy’s nail bar – thanks to the girls for the materials and expertise, but the boys will need to work on their pseudo-glam Facebook poses!

Pleasing to Mr Stewart was that three days spent with Keiron had been more effective than three months of ear syringing (LOL), unfortunately three seconds on the Mystery Tower with Mrs Donaldson have perforated an unprotected eardrum!

All the travellers have enjoyed reading your comments – please keep posting!!

PS Well done to the Battlefields trip for staying in character by only posting still photographs, although we did notice that they were in colour rather than sepia.
Now that we have provided them with the enigma blueprints for Animoto, we may see some newsreel from the 2nd Battalion.

Good night from the Preston Lodge/Valkenburg 9th Division.

16 thoughts on “Holland 2012: Day 3”

  1. Great to see you all having such a fabby time! Loving all the photos – keep ’em coming :-))

  2. Thanks for the update, particularly the contents of my daughter’s stomach!! Hopefully the themepark rides will have settled it……
    Great update and photos again. Really enjoying seeing them all having a great time!

  3. Looks great fun! Glad the rain stayed away for you all! Come on girls give the boys the camera! Would like to see an all boy collection! Have fun! xx

  4. Loving the updates & the pics are fab…….glad to see everyones having such a gr8 time!

  5. Looks like you are all having a great time! Keep the fab photos coming. Still can’t beleive you guys managed to get my Mum (Mrs Donaldson) on the roller coasters after years of her holding the jackets while we dragged my Dad on the rides! x

  6. The theme park looks amazing ! Am liking look of some of the desserts / sweets too . Enjoy it while you can Jack as fresh fruit salads and water when you come home LOL !

  7. Looks like you all had a brilliant day yesterday. Do you think the teachers could arrange the same trip for parents :-)? Have a fab day today xx

  8. Hey everyone looks like your all having a ball, the photos are fab! Hope Mrs Donaldson is behaving herself. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. xxx

  9. Hope you haven’t spent all of your money in the arcade, remember to keep some for my present!! Hope you’re having a good time x

  10. Photos as usual are good to see 😉
    I agree we need more of the boys in the action 😉

    Enjoy your night tonight

  11. Looks like everyone is having a fabby time – photos are great but definitely agree we do need some more photos of the boys. Enjoy the rest of your holiday and I looking for to reading about what you all got up to today and seeing more photos. 🙂 xxx

  12. Glad to see everyone enjoying themselves lots of fab photos fun park looked gr8 enjoy the rest of your holiday everyone, miss you Kasey house very quiet without you take care xxx

  13. Looks like you are all having a fantastic time! Photos are great! loved the one of my mum (Mrs Donaldson) on the roller coaster ride…Glad its Mr Stewarts ear drums taking a bashing this week gives mine a rest haha (only kidding mum)!! Looking forward to reading the rest of the blogs! x

  14. Another good day by looks of it!!!! Wish I was there, look like all having a ball!! Pics that I have seen of my gorgeous daughter (who I am missing millions) has had a different outfit on every one!!!! Looks like washing machine going to be on overdrive at weekend to get organised for our family holiday 🙂 Oh well as long as enjoying herself 😉 Enjoy rest of your time!!! xX

  15. Phantasialand looks fun, have heard Bobbejaanland is even better. Be brave Megan and go on ALL the rides! Love you and miss you lots xxx

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