Holland 2013 – Day 1

After a fun filled night of strutting their stuff on the ferry dance floor, team Holland 2013 began day 1 with a early rise in time for breakfast and made the short journey to Amsterdam.

A scenic canal boat trip around the city ticked the cultural orientation session box (who said this wasn’t an educational trip?) and the pupils enjoyed the free time to peruse the classy shops, although for the boys, window shopping was definitely the order of the day.

After the Euros were spent and the bus was filled with tat, we made the journey to Hotel Op de Boud in Valkenburg which will be our base for the remainder of the trip.  Tonight certainly was the calm before the storm as the pupils walked the sleepy streets of Valkenburg – tomorrow team Holland 2013 take on the challenge of the mighty Phantasialand. Of course we will be using this opportunity to study centrifugal and centripetal forces including their effect on the decibel range of screams produced. Our hypothesis is that this will not be a linear relationship. There will also be a short session discussing the finer points of metallurgy and choice of materials used in the construction of the roller coasters. Failing that we’ll just have lots of fun.

Statistics for the day

Pupils lost in Amsterdam = 3
Pupils found in Amsterdam = 4
Dutch children to return on Thursday = 1
Rows given by Mrs. Hoban = 2
Teachers who had to apologise to Mrs. Hoban = 2
Staff who slept in the bathroom to avoid snoring cabin mates = 1


Travellers are currently tucked up in bed, but will be eager to see your comments tomorrow morning!

28 thoughts on “Holland 2013 – Day 1”

  1. Glad to see you are all having a blast ! Hope the sun is shining for you tomorrow. ENJOY ENJOY XXX The Donaldson Clan

  2. You all look like you’s are havin a ball 🙂 enjoy the rest of your trip.
    Sarah & Lea-Anne take care of each other and John and Aimee to xx

    S & Ls mum

  3. Hope the boat trip over wasn’t choppy and no one was sick. You all look like you are having a fantastic time. Try not to loose your voice with screaming too much on the rides today Emily. Hopefully you managed to get up this morning and you didn’t need to be dragged out of your bed!!! Have a great day. Love The Fyffes xxxx
    PS thanks for the photos, it was great to see everyone

  4. Wow, loads of great photos there, looks like your all having a great time. Hope you eat more than chips Alex! Lol. Love from the Patersons +1

  5. Glad to see you are all having fun will look out for lots more photos love mo

  6. Glad to see you got there safely. Some great photos and looks like everyone’s having a great time. Hope you all have a great time in Phantasialand today.

  7. Looks fantastic. Hope you all had a good nights sleep and ready for today. Looking forward to seeing the next update, and hope Erin and Laura don’t have to get dragged out their beds. xxx

  8. Photos are fab great to see your all having a great time, enjoy the rest of your trip. The Cunninghams x

  9. Wow…..what an exciting clip to wake up to 🙂 great photos,good luck Phantasialand lol,we love you Shawnisay,we love you Preston Lodge!!
    Enjoy guys x

  10. Love the pics! all smiles & funny faces can only mean thing = having a ball ; ) have a fab screaming day at Phantasialand Aimee & the gang, To the fab patient teachers….. have a ball on the coasters!! Love Aimee’s Mum Xx

  11. Great photo’s! Looks like everyone is having a fantastic time and I can’t wait to see more. Have a great time today at the theme park and Erin – know your limits or a change of clothes will be required! Hope your having better weather than us, it’s wet and miserable here today. Xx

  12. Great photo’s looks like fun all around. Look forward to the photo’s from Phantaisialand, Caitlin try to get in some more photo’s so that I know you are not lost lol. Have a ball everyone. xxx

  13. i hope you are having a nice time on the rides.

    love from hannah. hi katie the pics look great please can someone remind katie to put a coat on for the rain lol .Have a brill time

  14. Great photos…..looks like you’re having a ball! Hope no-one is sick on the rides today…those balloons can be kinda scary 😉 …..keep the photos coming! The Kings xx

  15. Hi John and the gang, the photos are great looks like you’s all are having a great time 🙂 no be like you to pull a funny face in a photo John lol. Enjoy the theme park today :). Look forward to seeing more photos, lots of love xxx John’s family xx ps John Charley says hi 🙂 xx

  16. WOW Fantastic photos keep them coming have lots of great fun !!

  17. Photo’s are fantastic looks like you are all having a brilliant time. Enjoy Phantasialand no doubt there will a few sore throats from all the screaming!! Love The Mairs xxxx

  18. Hope you all had a great time at Phantasialand today, looking forward to seeing more pics. The Douglas’ x

  19. Great to see you’re all having a fab time – we’re missing you loads especially Sam and Josh they have a special message for Jak – ‘ha ha we went swimming now we’re in McDonald’s and you’re not’ – looking forward to seeing more photos enjoy the roller coasters, love from all the Buchanans xxxxxxx

  20. Great photos you all look as if you all dont want to come home , The Good news is that it is raining here and windy have a great time and make sure the teachers are behaving !!Take care The McCann Clan xxx

  21. Looks like you are all having a great time, wish it was me .Nice seeing all the pictures
    remember early to bed, yeah right!!!! can’t wait for the next round of pics :~)
    enjoy tomorrow
    The Galloway Clan and of course Holly xx

  22. Fab photos and glad to see you are all enjoying yourselves, wish we were there too. We are looking forward to seeing the next lot of pictures. “Carpe Diem”
    From Callum’s Aunty Margaret & Uncle Ronnie.

  23. Hi Dillon

    Looks like u r having lots of fun, make sure you enjoy yourself

    Love mum, dad and Lauren xxx

  24. Photos are fab.nice to see so many happy faces. Hope the rest of the trip is as much fun. Enjoy the experience Erin

  25. Ps Katy says she can’t wait to get to PL to do this trip!! Luv mum & Ruby XX

  26. Good to see so many happy faces, especially yours Mel. Have a great day tomorrow! Love Mum, Dad, Lewis and Olivia xx

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