Day 1 of Battlefields 2013 – Brugge

A message from the front line:

We have safely landed and enjoyed an afternoon in the picturesque city of Brugge. Our appetites after our long journey were satisfied by the citys delicacies : chips, chocolate and waffles. Our curiosity was satisfied by a horse and carriage tour. We have spent the evening relaxing on the eve of battle….wellies at the ready for tomorrow in the trenches.

– Sergeant Bell

4 thoughts on “Day 1 of Battlefields 2013 – Brugge”

  1. Sergeant Bell will be spoken to about what images are appropriate to post on the school website.

  2. Have a fantastic time…wishing I was there! Hope the weather is kind to you.

  3. Captain Moore, you should be setting a good example!!! Looks like your all having a good time already though. Happy battling today!

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