Holland 2013 Day 3

Day 3 in the Op de Boud House and the house mates were faced with their first challenge of the day – Snowworld’s high ropes course and Alpine coaster. Even the previously shamed yellow livered house mates who made a humiliating retreat from Phantasialand managed their first roller coaster! Paul, our heroic bus driver, braved the Alpine coaster one handed to record a video for the parents (see below). Staff insisted that he left the bus in the car park as corner two would be a little too tight for a 49 seater and we needed the vehicle for the remainder of the trip. Having completed the basic ‘blue course’ with ease, some of the bravest (and smallest) of the house mates tackled and defeated the more difficult and higher ‘black course’.
The second challenge of the day was Mosaqua water park, with its epic water slides and flumes. No teeth were lost on the concrete flumes, but the murky deep did swallow some locker keys and glasses. Parents should expect some damp, smelly swimming costumes rolled in a towel at the bottom of a suitcase in a few days time.
After a beautiful meal lovingly prepared for the entire party by Mrs.Hoban at the hotel (she doesn’t do wet hair, so also bottled the swimming), team Holland 2013 spent the evening with a no holds barred, fight to the death game of laser tag which ended with Mrs.Hoban being displaced from her broomstick as reigning champion by sniper Dorian.
The day ended with the boys being separated from the men by a game of bingo. There were no fat ladies to be seen (we are a health promoting school after all), but Mr.Stewart and Mr.Evans’ came a close second (in the bingo, that is).

Thanks for all of your comments, we all enjoy reading these – particularly in the darker moments when we’ve all been grounded by Mrs.Hoban!

Statistics of the day
Number of party leaders who bottled the high ropes course = 1
Number of staff who were not allowed on the ropes due to weight restrictions = 2
Number of gullible pupils who believed Mrs.Hoban cooked for the entire group = 41
Number of pupils struck by meteorites whilst complaining about Hoban’s soup = 2
Pupils who believe that a European metric hour is different to a British imperial hour = 41
Number of deputes who will not be allowed to teach maths again = 1

22 thoughts on “Holland 2013 Day 3”

  1. Looks like another great day had by all. I think you will be needling a rest when you get home Lucy.
    Love mum,dad and Hayley xx

  2. Looking like your having so much fun, that roller-coaster looks great
    keep the pictures coming, its really good to see what you are up to even though i am a bit jealous.
    enjoy today
    Amy G’s mum Dad Charlie and of course Holly XX

  3. Hey PL,hi Shawnisay,me and Dad are actually racing each other now,to get to see the new daily blog first lol,today’s one is fantastic!! So its fair to say “yes we are well jel”
    ahahaha ๐Ÿ™‚ x hi five from the Millars

  4. Hi, John and everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ your quiet day yesterday looks great lol,the pictures are great. Hope you all have a fantastic day today. Love to John xx and Charley says hi to her big cousins Sarah Lea-anne and Aimee xxxx

  5. The photos of the trip look great and it’s nice to get an update each day. Kirsty appears to be a little camera shy….! Hope you are enjoying all the yummy looking ice-cream , bring us some back ha ha! We’re missing you, especially Angus, whose been keeping your bed warm .. love The Sturrocks xx

  6. Well seen the quiet day went down well the photos are looking great mind not seeing Nikola in many of them have a great day today at another theme park x love mum and Fraser

  7. Looks like you’re having a great time and at last we’ve seen Scott doing something, we were worried he’d been left shopping in Amsterdam! Hope you have a great day today! Love from the Kings xx

  8. Looks like another fantastic day! Hope you’ve saved enough energy for more roller-coasters today. What a life.We’re all “well jell”here it looks amazing.love mum dad and Hannahxx

  9. The “quiet” day looks exhausting! I bet this has been Erin’s best day yet. The video’s are great, it’s lovely to see them all having so much fun. Can’t wait for the next one. Xx Loving the daily stats ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Another great set of photos looks like your all having a great time, Toby says its time for you to come home Harvey the fish needs fed lol. Enjoy the rest of your trip love from The Cunningham House x

  11. i hope you had a good time on the high ropes love from Hannah
    Hi Katie hope you wernt struck by a meteorite the alpine coaster looks great love mum and dad

  12. Looks fab! Loving seeing all the photos. Hope you are all enyoying every minute. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚ Love Carmen’s mum xxx

  13. Enjoying looking at the photos in the morning before I head off to work. You all look like you are having a great time. That tabogan ride almost looks as scarey as the zip slide that we did at camp! Looks like your having a go at everything Emily, well done. Benjamin’s well impressed with the music choice that accompanies the photos! Love from the Fyffes xxx

  14. Good Morning PL, hope the ‘Alpine Coaster’ wasn’t too slow for you Aimee haha, it’s like the one Labadee!! the pics are fab, glad everyone is still smiling & having fun, Bails is looking for you! have fun at the theme park everyone ; ) love Aimee’s Mum Xx

  15. You all look like you’s are having fun, it looks fantastic.
    Miss you’s loads girls (so does Rhiannan) xx
    S & L’s mum

  16. Hi Dillon

    It looks like you and the others are having a brilliant time, miss you

    Mum x

  17. Loving the updates and photos every day – Jak are you away eating when the photos are getting taken ? Miss you every time I open the fridge and see its still full. Keep having fun, prestonpans is so much quieter without you all. Xxx

  18. Good to see the photos of you all having a great time. Samuel is doing a grand job of avoiding the camera! Still three weeks without Adam to look forward to when he gets home. Enjoy the rest of the trip – the Connollys

  19. Wow, looks fantastic, glad your all having a great time. Hope Erin and Laura have been getting out their beds without too much bother in the mornings lol. Looking forward to seeing you all when you get back and listening to all your tales x

  20. Hiya Callum hope you are having a great time. the house is very quiet without you. Missing you lots enjoy yourself. love mum dad Ryan and Daniel

  21. Looks like you are all having a great time!! Enjoy having the daily updates from Mrs Donaldson. Hope you all enjoy your party tonight.



  22. another great day by the look of the photos – good job we trialled rollercoasters at M+D’s Emma – they look much better over there tho’- and the high ropes course looks amazing! love auntie lyn & uncle john xx

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