Holland 2013 Day 4

Day 4, our last day before the journey home begins!
The challenge of the day – Bobbejaanland theme park in Belgium. Pride was at stake and some of the travellers still had something to prove after the near defeat at Phantasialand. The theme park did not disappoint and rides like the Typhoon and Sledgehammer still managed to keep the wary at bay.
The evening ended with indoor skittles and karaoke (with some stand out solo performances. Mr.Stewart unfortunately received the first walk out solo performance!). The girls also took on the unrivalled task of beautifying the boys with make up and nail art – How can you improve on perfection? Quite easily, apparently.

As we will be all at sea tomorrow night, this will be our last post from Holland. Our excellent hoteliers Louise, Rosie and Jan Wouters who have hosted approximately 450 Preston Lodge pupils to date on the Holland trip, our 10th Anniversary, have yet again done us proud with excellent food, accommodation and evening entertainment. There is nothing else for us to say other than that the pupils have been excellent company and really good fun throughout the trip. They have been a credit to their parents and the school and we thank you for the privilege of allowing us to spend the week with them. You are, however, welcome to take them back for the holidays.

Statistics of the day
Number of adults not sleeping on the bus = 1 (thankfully Paul our driver – as far as we know).
Boys who dressed up in girls clothing = 16
Girls who will be wanting those dresses back tomorrow = 16
Boys who will regret dressing up when they see their photos on the school website = 16
Teachers who are willing to accept bribes to remove aforementioned photos = 5
Number of pupils who’ve enjoyed the trip = 41
Number of Dutch children to be dropped off in Amsterdam tomorrow = 1

21 thoughts on “Holland 2013 Day 4”

  1. Looks like you all have had a fantastic time. Safe journey home, and looking forward to seeing you tomorrow Emily, missed you loads. Thank you so much to all the staff for taking them and looking after them so well Love The Fyffes xxx

  2. Well looks like yesterday was lots of fun. Hope you all enjoy ur last day. And safe trip home.
    Lucy there is lots of house work for you when you get home lol xx
    Love mum,dad and Hayley

  3. Enjoy your last day and your trip to Gouda….. I can feel a cheese purchase coming on! Safe journey home everyone and hopefully a smooth ferry crossing, Can’t wait to hear all your stories Erin! Big thank you to all the teachers, bus driver and the hotel staff for looking after all our little darlings πŸ™‚

  4. The last day seems to have been a blast love all the photos. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow have a safe journey home Just think Nik next holiday Saturday can’t wait love mum and Fraser

  5. It looks like you have all had a fantastic time thankyou to all teachers and staff. Katie we have all been missing you especially Hannah.

    PS see if you can sneak some duty free back!

    Love Dad mum and Hannah

  6. The pictures are brilliant looks everyone has had a fab time, Boys ( that’s teachers & Paul the driver too) you are looking fab all done up ,Girl’s you done a fantastic job haha! Aims I can smell the cheese ; ) Massive Thank you to all the wonderful Teachers, have a safe journey home, see you all tomorrow!!! Love Mum Xx

  7. Another great selection of photos although that big dog worries me Scott! Enjoy your last day and have a safe journey home…see you all very soon. The kings xx

  8. Hello all! Looks like you all had a great time last night with the singing and ten pin bowling, did you know Mrs Donaldson was the bowling champion when she was at High school?

    Hope there is a spare seat on the bus for that big dog…

    Enjoy your last day guys! Safe Journey home!!!

  9. Hi πŸ™‚ wow looks like you’s have had a great day, I’m loving the make over boys lol.John we have missed you loads can’t wait to see you tomorrow and hear all your stories. A huge thank you to all the Teachers, Paul the driver and the Hotel team πŸ™‚ the kids ( and adults lol) look like they have had a ball.Safe journey and see you’s tomorrow xx love John’s family xx

  10. More great photos see you all tomorrow though not sure if its a boy I am picking up or a girl you will need to keep me right. Harveys Mum x

  11. The pictures are fantastic thanks for taking the time to share them with us all. You all look like you’ve had an amazing time (adults too lol)! Have a good journey home….look forward to seeing you all especially you Emma of course! Love Mum,Dad,Daniel & Misty xxx

  12. Looks like you’s have all had lots of fun the past week πŸ™‚
    Safe trip home.
    Sarah & Lea-Anne we’ve missed you’s loads (so quiet) and Jack, Bubbles and Chuck have survived although nannis been in charge of them.
    See you’s tomorrow xx
    Love mum x

  13. You all look like you have had an absolute fantastic time. Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday and hearing all the stories. Safe journey home. xx

  14. Been keeping a keen eye on the photo updates all week and it looks like you’s have all had a GREAT time!!! Have a safe journey home can’t wait to hear all the stories, a BIG thank you to all the school and hotel staff and of course the bus driver looking forward to seeing ALL the Ritchie’s tomorrow (it’s been quiet here without you’s ) lol πŸ˜‰ love you’s all from Dad/ Uncle Stephen

  15. hiya callum hope you are having a fabby time. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Missed you loads so have your brothers.!!! safe journey home to you all thanks for sharing the picture.

  16. Absolutly fantastic. Thank you to all the staff and Paul the bus driver for making it such a fab trip for the kids. Safe journey home, can’t wait to see you all, could definitely say differently about the bag of dirty washing that I can see Erin coming back with though. Take care, see you all tomorrow x

  17. You’s all look like you’ve had a great time. Thanks to all the teachers and bus driver for looking after them all. Loving the skirt Daniel! Safe journey can’t wait to see you! love mum, dad, Gary & Alfie xx

  18. Samuel had a great time, full of chat about Holland! Thanks to all of the adult team for taking care of everyone and for making sure all the children had fun.

  19. Jak is the third of my kids to come back from this fab PL trip having had a great time. Thanks so much to all the teachers and staff for taking such good care of my boy and making sure all the kids had a brilliant holiday.

  20. Great to see everyone enjoying themselves!! Huge thanks to all the adults involved for making the trip such fun for the kids πŸ™‚

  21. Huge thank you to all the teachers & Paul for giving Aimee a fantatsic fun filled week & PL for offering trips like these, we lay on her bed chatting about all the antics you all got up to!! what a great experience for all the kids, Enjoy the Holiday’s ; )) xx

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