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  1. Ok, so managed to keep the kids off the hotel wifi for long enough to allow me to upload these photos. All is going well so far. A day of sights yesterday – La tour Eiffel, Champs Elysees, Pompidou etc followed by arrival to the hotel.

    The girls (and Alex) were all thrilled upon the news that the hotel had wifi and within a few minutes the whole system had crashed, hence the delay in this upload. Anyway, we’re all up and fed and watered and ready for our trip to the perfume factory today. Later on tonight we board a boat and go for our cruise along the Seine. The weather has been variable but things look a little brighter today.

    Better go and rally the troops. Enjoy the photos. Look forward to any comments on this site …

  2. Hi Erin hope your having a nice time.The photos look great! Enjoy the rest of the trip.
    P.S remember to try the frog legs

  3. Hi Alex, hope your having a great time. I am, i’ve taken over your play station, raided your mini fridge and ate your chocolate, lol. Only kidding, miss you xx

    P.S. Mum helped me do this

  4. Ok, so Day 3. 8am for breakfast and then walk along to the Fragonard perfume museum for a bit of ‘nosing’ about. Everybody smelling of mandarin, vanilla etc for the rest of the day. From there, we went up to Sacre Coeur after climbing up about 200 steps – chuckle chuckle. Free time to everybody to get lunch by Montmartre was much appreciated and a few crepes etc were consumed for lunch. A bus trip across the city to the Monparnasse tower where we took in an aerial view of the city. A few tired bodies by this time and when we finally boarded our boat for the river cruise – a few siestas were taking place. The final stop (not on the itinerary) was the outside of The Louvre and also the romantic bridge with all the padlocks on – fortunately for us they sold the padlocks three. Dinner and then bed. Off to Eurodisney today for more antics. Hope you’re enjoying this brief update and the snaps. Mr McNeil

  5. Day 5. An early start – checked out of the hotel and on the road to Brugge. A couple of quizzes on the coach helped pass the time and we all arrived in Brugge to beautiful sunshine!! Free time for the girls (and Alex) allowed them to buy chocolate, eat waffles and shop to their hearts content. For the adults, a less successful afternoon – due to the serving staff losing our food order. The result of this was a free meal after an hour and a half wasted waiting on it!

    On departure for Brugge it was ferry time again. This time group had bonded and the dance floor was full from the start of the evening till the end. A very talented band consisting of 3 young chap pies certainly drew some attention from the girls! Hopefully, the video content works to allow you to see the girls singing along/over the top of the band to ‘Grenade’. The curfew was extended from 10pm to 11pm and then again to midnight. We eventually got to bed at 1230pm and all was quiet. A number of guests came up to us and commented on the exemplary behaviour of the girls and how they were a credit to the school. Bravo! I’ve just arrived home now, and hopefully, you’ll have these photos uploaded before you get home. Enjoy looking. Until next year. A bien tot. Mr M.x

  6. Was I not commended!!! Lol! It was a great week, that will stay with me for the rest if my life. Everyone was great! Would recommend anyone to come on this trip! Big thanks to all the teachers, staff at the hotel and the girls (well most of them anyway!) for such a great week! Oh, et Mme. Fitzpatrick, ma mére dit ça je peux allez à Berlin! X

  7. Thanks to DJ Ramsey, Jackie Fitz, Cambell, Nanson and Lauckners for a braw wee trip to Paris, hope you don’t mind we slept in the same room and if we come next year we’ll sneak out in black hoodies instead of white towels.

    Cheers from the back row

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