Valkenburg 2017 – Day 3 – Phantasialand

The day began a little wet in Valkenburg but by the time we set of for Phantasialand the sun was out and the weather was perfect.

The park was really quiet and the queue times were very reasonable.

Our adventurers had plenty of time to eat their pack lunch and then still use their park supplied lunch voucher to sample the currybratwurst (mit brötchen) wae chips, others with a more adventurous pallet tried the asiannoodles (mit hund und gemuse). Churros, waffles, Eis and and selection of slush type drinks also had to be consumed.

ALL of our adventurers took themselves out of their comfort zones today and really had a go. The queue times allowed some to go on their favourite rides multiple times, which some them managed between snacks (which almost made them miss their evening meal!).

Hotel Op De Boud did us proud with a lovely pasta bolognaise and then we dived into the tuck shop and the Kegelbahn (9 pin bowling).

Our very own Ann Robinson was quick to identify our weakest links and Stuart was send for an early bath. Some of our adventurers went on to win  unofficial “Tuck Vouchers”  – obviously!!!  





Now some of our more pedantic readers will have been annoyed at the incorrect use of the word pallet rather than palate – but you should see the size of some of these mouths.

Tomorrow is the quiet day in Valkenburg, so the travellers will have time to check out some of your comments.


You are the weakest link……goodbye


11 thoughts on “Valkenburg 2017 – Day 3 – Phantasialand

  1. Hi Lauren, it looks like you are having an amazing time.
    We are missing you and Wendy has been sitting waiting for at the back gate them meowing loudly for ages when you did not show.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip and we will see you soon.
    L:ove, hugs & Kisses, Mummy & Daddy xxx

  2. Looks like you are all having a fab time! I’m very jealous but at the same time enjoying the peace and quiet 🙂 Hope you’re not missing me too much Megan, please remember my magnet lol. Lots of love Mum x

  3. Lillia
    Loving the updates and looks like your having a brilliant time, very quiet in our house and Minnie and I are missing you more than we ever thought. Enjoy the rest of your week and looking forward to the next update.
    Love you so much
    Mum x

  4. Carla,
    Looks like you are having a great time. Lovely to see your wee smiley face in the pics, however looking a bit pale at the toboggan!

    Enjoy the rest of your hols and cant wait to see you on Thursday.

    Love you toots,
    Mum xx

  5. Helllo Ben
    Looks like an amazing trip enjoy yourself (but I am sure you are!) we certainly are enjoying the peace and quiet! ?
    Love Mum , Dad and Hamish x
    Ps think Teal is missing you most ?

  6. Hi Annaliese,
    Looks like you have all been pretty busy and having a great time! Keep the photos and updates coming!
    Charlie, mum & dad X

  7. Hi Olivia
    Wow! Looks like you are all having the most amazing time.
    The house is very quiet without you and I think Sophie is missing you ( not admitting it tho!) It’s great reading about all your adventures on the website.
    Enjoy your last few days – keep sending pictures.
    Lots of love mum, dad and Sophie xxx

  8. Hey Mollie..
    Looks like you are having an amazing time.. missing you loads… Joshy doesn’t know what to do with himself! Love you to the moon babe… see you soon.. take care…xxx Mum & Josh

  9. What an amazing time you look like having.
    Looks like so much fun… so jealous ?
    Just keep having lots of fun and see you Thursday
    Love you Millie
    Mum and dad

  10. Freya – looks like your having a great time. Bet your loving the theme parks and the sugar overload!!
    Missing you loads, Murray is running out of people to annoy??
    Enjoy your last few days, looking forward to seeing you on Thursday

    Mum ?

  11. Hi Tommy!!!! Looks like the best fun ever!! Well jel !! Believe me you didn’t miss out at Legoland, even I would have preferred the toboggan !! See you on Thursday. Be prepared for a cuddle that may never end!’ Laters dude!! Love Mum, Dad and Charlie(sort of,he’s liking the room to himself,I can’t lie) xxxxxxx

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