Holland 2017 – Day whatever, like, who cares – What is day anyway?

The day started in a panic as Stuart had set his alarm for 7.00pm rather than 7.00am – who was his maths teacher? Apparently this has happened more than once and Liz has stepped in to provide some maths recovery using FlashCards which she has thrown together on am/pm time and 24 hour clock.

Stuart has been given the opportunity to put his new learning into action as he will be trying again to waken us all tomorrow. Now some of us are not holding our breath – as we unfortunately believe that Stuart has a “fixed mind set” and feels unable, or more likely, unwilling to learn to accurately distinguish between ante meridiem and post meridiem.

Anyway, once we were awake, it was time to set off to Bobbejaanland. The weather was mixed and we had few showers which damped neither spirit nor body, this was largely due to the soaking from the Indiana River running out of us.

Our bold adventurers conquered all of the rides which Bobbejaanland could throw at them and left the park exhausted.

The return to Hotel Op De Boud was very quiet. Dinner, packing, tidy rooms and then down for our traditional last night Karaoke.

Tomorrow is another early start as we begin our return journey to Prestonpans.  We will be stopping for the afternoon in Gouda for some shopping and cheese and then travelling on to Rotterdam for the overnight ferry to Hull.  This will be our final post with no internet connection on the ferry.

Our Staff team wish to thank our parents and carers for allowing us to spend the past week with your wonderful young people.  They have been great company, great fun and an enormous credit to their families and our school community. Many of them have challenged themselves through the activities but more importantly they have all had a blast. #ProudToBePL


5 thoughts on “Holland 2017 – Day whatever, like, who cares – What is day anyway?

  1. Thanks for taking care of our kids, looks like everyone has had a ball and cannot wait for the peace to be shattered on Thursday. Safe journey home.

    Karen McKean

  2. Looks like everyone is having a ball. Carla Mulholland don’t dare ask me for a karaoke machine!!


  3. Been amazing to see all the info and photos , thanks to all who took our troops on this adventure!! ?

  4. What an amazing trip. You should be very proud of your kids. They did us proud. Definitely the tidiest bunch we’ve had
    Its been a pleasure. Xx.

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