Holland 2018: Initial Report

Welcome to this initial report on the progress being made by our young people as they develop their four capacities and six R’s within the structure of the framework provided by the Preston Lodge High School “Aims & Values”.

This is a short reflective analysis of the impact of this experience and the opportunities provided through full participation in all of the learning tasks which have been planned by the highly trained staff and of course by completing the pack of graded worksheets.

We of course intended to complete several of these reflections over the duration of the sequence of planned teaching and learning episodes which will form a significant component of our Self Evaluation. We will have online questionnaires, focus groups, planned observations and lots of colouring in with highlighters.

Did we also say that the kids are fine? Well, yes, we think so. We’ll do a ‘headcount’ tomorrow morning to make sure.

One thought on “Holland 2018: Initial Report”

  1. Great photos! Look forward to more updates… reckon there will be lots of screaming at Phantasialand today.

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