Holland 2018: Phantasialand report

An early start this morning for our cross border incursion to the Bundesrepublik Deutschland to the amazing Phantasialand

Today has been a full on festival of fun, food and fast coasters, and today we really have seen it all – sometimes twice!!

The lesson sequence was:

Breakfast – Bus Journey (sorry Coach) – Tuck Shop – River Quest – Ice Cream – Colorado Adventure – Churros – Talocan – Chocolate Strawberry kebabs – Taron – Bratwurst mit brötchen – Chiapas die Wasserbahn – Chicken Nuggets – Black Mamba – BREAKFAST AGAIN – Maus au Chocolat – small sips of water

Every day is learning day and today the unintended learning intention has been around the motion path of vomit from a small boy on a recently halted Roller Coaster. Todays experiment would appear to indicate that it does not travel very far but can cover quite a significant surface area, even of bits not in the initial motion path. It would appear that it can also cause other coaster users to have a delayed exit whilst park staff enact their  “Code Lumpy Carrot” decontamination procedures.

Fortunately the shop on the park carries a small range of garment suitable for small boys covered in puke and the fun was able to continue after the learning had stopped.

An important feature of any science experiment is reputability, on this occasion following an extensive and involved self-evaluation exercise it has been decided that effort to repeat this experiment would be best delayed until next year.

As predicted in yesterdays blog comments there was much more screaming today – “CAN I GET A SICK BAG” was a feature of the return journey.

Monday is the rest day – and learning more stuff!


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