East Lothian Review

In September of this year an East Lothian review team visited our school for three days and worked with us to analyse our school’s current position, identify strengths and agree areas for improvement. This visit was part of the regular programme of East Lothian reviews of schools.
The review was very thorough and the full report, which can be read on our website, identifies a good number of positive strengths, whilst developing areas for improvement in our work. We were really pleased that most of the areas for development were already incorporated into our School Improvement Plan.
The key conclusions from the review were as follows:
The school has developed a positive culture that seeks to support and empower staff to develop their own skills. As a priority, school leaders now need to use a more effective and stronger evidence base in order to inform the strategic direction of the school and ensure clarity around how they will achieve the pace of improvement required that will positively impact on young people.
Capacity for Improvement
Given the positive culture of learning in the school and its understanding of where it needs to improve, there is capacity for improvement. This view, however, is predicated on all stakeholders working together with a shared understanding of the improvement priorities
Key Strengths:
Young people who are positive and engage well across the school.
Positive relationships between staff and young people.
The school has a strong and positive ethos and engages very well with the wider community.
The school demonstrates a strong understanding of ‘Getting It Right for Every Child and the processes leading to meaningful inclusion of children and young people.
The willingness of school leaders, staff, pupils and parents to engage in a culture of learning.
Areas for Development:
Improve the Curriculum across both Broad General Education and Senior Phase to meet the needs of learners.
Continue to promote and develop  consistent and effective approaches to  learning, teaching and assessment
Raise attainment for all.
Continue to improve whole school self-evaluation processes for school improvement.
We are already working on a new action plan, and are tackling the areas for improvement with enthusiasm and commitment. We’d be delighted to consider any aspect of this report further with families, and do please contact us at the school if you would like to discuss any issues. We will also be discussing the review visit outcomes at next Thursday’s Parent Council (8 November), with full feedback provided to all parents in the note of that meeting.

The full report can be found below:

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