Holland 2019: Day 3 Phantasialand Adventure

Good Morning Preston Lodge – Valkenburg calling

What another spectacular day we have had, the weather was scorching hot with hardly a cloud in the sky. Temperature hit 34 °C and although some of the adventurers were feeling the heat, none were burned (not even the gingers!!)

A beautiful moment this morning when Jaime’s Granny met us at the Phantasialand bus park!! Thank you for taking the time.

Phantasialand was quite quiet and the queues were around 5 – 10 minutes on most of the rides – this seemed like a lifetime for some of the more “excitable” travellers.

Departure from Phantasialand was delayed as one leader could not find the bus, something she can work on in retirement when she has her own bus pass.! (btw the bus was where we left it)

We finished the day with bowling and a walk down into Valkenburg before up to the rooms for a shower, shave and bed. Some had forgotten to shave this morning!


Tomorrow we are having some “down time” in and around the beautiful town of Valkenburg,

High Ropes, Alpine Coaster, Swimming Pool and Laser Tag all on the agenda

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17 thoughts on “Holland 2019: Day 3 Phantasialand Adventure”

  1. Looks like they are all having a blast!
    Glad he weather is cooperating ???
    At least they will get to cool down in the pool. Enjoy ??

  2. Great pictures, thank you for sharing them. It was great that Jaime got to see his Grandma. Enjoy the rest of the trip. ?

  3. Great photos, wish I was there, weather looks amazing, very dreich here today!

  4. Fab photos, looks like lots of fun being had by all. Enjoying the updates, thanks.

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