Curriculum Review 2019-please complete by Monday 7 October

Dear Parent/Carer

Curriculum Review 2019

In June 2020 our school, along with all other East Lothian secondary schools, will have adopted the ‘Common School Day’, which sees us move to 33×50 minute periods each week, with accompanying adjustments to the timings of the school day.

I will, of course, be in touch in the New Year with full details of those changes, but this autumn we are looking at every aspect of our school’s curriculum offer, and we will make adjustments to ensure that our new timetable provides the best possible learning pathways for all students.

A key part of our Curriculum Review is to gather the opinions of parents and carers. Everything is up for discussion, from the length of Senior Phase courses, through to the S1-3 experience and the way in which students transfer from the Broad General Education to the Senior Phase.

Do please let us know what you think, by completing a short questionnaire which can be found at

We would also be really grateful if some members of our parent body were able to join us for a short focus group at 1.45pm on Monday 7 October. If you would be interested in having a relaxed conversation about what we offer at Preston Lodge then please pass on your details at the end of the electronic questionnaire.

We very much look forward to hearing our families’ views on the Preston Lodge curriculum, and do get in touch if you would like to have further discussion around this important process.

Yours sincerely

Gavin Clark


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