One thought on “P6/7 Open Evening – Wednesdsay 6 November”

  1. I was at the P6/7 evening last night.I thought we were going to enjoy it . My husband walks with a walking stick and we were in group 6 .The young girl leading our group was walking so fast my husband couldn’t keep up .There was another young girl from the school,beside and she ended up walking with me but my husband had to go back as he couldn’t mange which was disappointing for us as we care fore our granddaughter .My granddaughter enjoyed the woodwork room and the PE . There were two families there that didn’t give anyone else a chance to speak or ask questions . Myself and the other lady who was beside were really upset about this .Then the same happened in The PE room all they wanted to know was about the golf as there son is a golfer .The other room we felt left out was the guidance room the female teacher kept talking to the 6 year old in the room he has years to go before he gets to that stage . I asked if there was an equestrian team the answer was no as my granddaughter is a very keen horse person .I believe there are a few in your school just now that are like that plus a few past girls from Preston Lodge were keen on that idea ..I will hopefully still be around when the next P6/7 night is and come along and maybe hubby can bring his electric buggy

    Thank you

    Agnes McPhillips

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