21 thoughts on “Lockdown Assembly #1”

  1. That is amazing ! Well done everyone , cheered us all up 😊

  2. This is brilliant – put a smile on my face – well done one and all – not just for the singing but also those involved in scrub and mask making

  3. Brilliant as always ! Keeping moral up for both staff & students 😂 👍 .
    More please 👏

  4. Fantastic Well Done all at PL , Stay Safe & Take Care, really put a smile on our faces, 🤣
    Well Done to all helping with mask & scrub making too, You all Rock !! 🙌😊

  5. That just made my day, loved the PL spirit (must admit a wee bit jealous of that hot tub!!!!)

    Keep being awesome PLers and sharing on FB because it’s certainly worth a giggle or two.

  6. That was hilarious and made us all laugh out loud! Cheered us up!! Whens it going viral? Good job!!

  7. Sang alone great and funny video to watch.

    Well done to all those involved great work.

  8. Absolutely fantastic. Made us all laugh out loud.. thank you

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