Virtual Parents’ Evening: How to Guide

Due to the current restriction all of our Parents’ Evenings will be conducted online.

We will be using a system called “Parents Booking” which we have used for scheduling teacher/parent appointments for the past few years. This system has been updated to allow the video call to take place within the system.

To log in you require to know:

  • Your first name and surname
  •  Your child’s first name, surname and date of birth

Be aware, this information must match our records!! (Parent surname can sometimes cause an issue if you use more than one)

  1. Making your booking

These slides explain how you make your bookings.

(You can fast forward or pause the video if the slides move too slowly or quickly.)

The login screen has had is look updated but the information you are require to enter is the same

More information and help on making a booking can be found here Parent Booking Help page

2. Online Meeting (Video Call)

You can watch this helpful video, which will explain how you use the system to hold the online meeting.