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Holland Trip 2019: Day 5: Movie World

Good morning Prestonpans – this is Valkenburg calling.

What a day we have had, the temperature has been off the scale!!!
A little delay to our start while Duncan, our driver, fixed the mechanism on the coach door then we were off to Movie World Germany.

The favourite attraction seemed to be the Star Trek™: Operation Enterprise.

After dinner it was karaoke in the Hotel and several of our young adventurers stepped up to the plate to give great performances. Notable performance awards go to Marc “Baby” Anderson and Thomas “Hotel California” Cowe.

Even more notable performances from PL staff.

Just before bed we shared cake to celebrate Liz Hewitt’s retirement (Her final night at Hotel Op De Boud after 4 years)

This will be our final post from Holland 2019 as we are on the Ferry on Wednesday evening.

The Staff Team would like to thank parents and carers for entrusting us with the care of these wonderful young people they have have been a credit to their families, our school and themselves. #ProudToBePL

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See you Thursday

Valkenburg out

Holland 2019: Day 4: Our Lazy Day

Good Morning Prestonpans – this is Valkenburg calling.

A long lie this morning until 7.30 ish when we were awoken by Stuart Wilson , a leisurely breakfast and then on our way to SnowWorld Landgraaf for the Climbpark and Alpine Coaster.

ALL of our young adventurers took part in the activity and we had no refusers on Europes largest high ropes!

The temperature soared and by lunchtime it was 38°C and we really needed to go for a swim at the fantastic Mosaqua Pool in Gulpen. This was a welcome relief for the unrelenting sunshine, which we are experiencing – you too we understand!!

The evening we were back across the cool caves of the  Valkenburg Agogo for a game of Lasertag.

The weather tomorrow is forecast to be even hotter and we return to Germany to Movie Park Theme Park

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Holland 2019: Day 3 Phantasialand Adventure

Good Morning Preston Lodge – Valkenburg calling

What another spectacular day we have had, the weather was scorching hot with hardly a cloud in the sky. Temperature hit 34 °C and although some of the adventurers were feeling the heat, none were burned (not even the gingers!!)

A beautiful moment this morning when Jaime’s Granny met us at the Phantasialand bus park!! Thank you for taking the time.

Phantasialand was quite quiet and the queues were around 5 – 10 minutes on most of the rides – this seemed like a lifetime for some of the more “excitable” travellers.

Departure from Phantasialand was delayed as one leader could not find the bus, something she can work on in retirement when she has her own bus pass.! (btw the bus was where we left it)

We finished the day with bowling and a walk down into Valkenburg before up to the rooms for a shower, shave and bed. Some had forgotten to shave this morning!


Tomorrow we are having some “down time” in and around the beautiful town of Valkenburg,

High Ropes, Alpine Coaster, Swimming Pool and Laser Tag all on the agenda

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Holland 2019: Day 1 & 2 The Journey and Arrival

Hello Prestonpans – this is Valkenburg calling.

Welcome to our first post from the adventure to Holland 2019.

The overnight crossing was very successful and our PL travellers where the stars of the dance floor and where complemented by other travellers for their good humour.

We have arrived in Valkenburg safe and sound and are settled into the Hotel Op De Boud.

The weather is spectacular. This has led to the perhaps inevitable but nevertheless unfortunate situation where three of the young people melted, although this will not be welcome news for parents it has resulted in additional space on the coach. Every cloud, etc.

The Rodelbahn was very popular with our adventurers and everyone used the chairlift , even  those who had previously indicated that they would be refusing due to height issues.

Ice cream has been very popular, however, it too is melting!

We will call again tomorrow after our outing to Phantasialand