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Battlefields 2013 – update

Pupils travelling with Mrs Binnie and Ms Armstrong on the Battlefields trip are reminded that all EHIC cards and installment money should be in by 31st May 2013. If there are any problems with this please advise one of the teachers as soon as possible.

All Euros or sterling to be banked for the trip should be handed into Mrs Binnie or Ms Armstrong by Friday June 14th. There will be another pupil meeting held when the Seniors return from Exam Leave – keep your eyes on the register bags and school website for more information.

Fair Trade Tuck Shop – June 14th 2013

The Preston Lodge Fair Trade group and the Pupil Council are pleased to announce that they will be jointly running a trial Fairtrade Tuck Shop at break time on Friday June 14th 2013, in the Maths Social Area.

There will be the following items on sale to pupils and staff –

  • Fair Trade home baking
  • Fair Trade fruit
  • Fair Trade cold drinks

The long term aim is that this combined group of pupils will develop this initiative in the new session and hope to run an end of month Fair Trade Tuck Shop every last Friday of the month. Funds from the venture are going towards buying new outdoor furniture for the school garden.

We look forward to seeing you all on Friday June 14th at break time in the Maths Social Area!

The Pupil Council and Fair Trade Group

Battlefields meeting Thursday April 25th – all must attend

Pupils going on the Battlefields tour in June this year should attend our next meeting on Thursday April 25th at 1.15pm in Ms Armstrong’s room.

All pupils should by now have submitted the following:

  • passport and/or the group passport forms
  • EHIC card
  • PC1 forms (parental consent)

If you have yet to do so it is imperative you bring this with you on Thursday. The group passport application is being sent off on Friday.


Mrs Binnie and Ms Armstrong

Grange feel the lurve with House Blind Date…

House Blind Date was a roaring success this lunchtime as pupils and staff competed for such wonderful prizes as a meal for two at Munchies or a wet weekend in PPort Seton Caravan Park…

Female contestant, Anna Wright, was fabulous in her role and really played to the crowd with her cariacature from Port Pans. She had to choose from a likely trio from Grange, Gosford and Seton who had to answer questions including what they would do with 3 wishes and who their heroes were. Won over by the patter of Craig Mcleod from Grange, the two of them sailed off into the sunset and the prospect of a paddle in Port Seton…

Meanwhile, in the staff contest, Miss Walker asked what special powers Mr McNeill, Mr Ramsay and Mr Hay might have – and what animal they might want to be.  You can work out for yourself who was the cheetah, the bat or the lion…

Miss Walker was suitably bowled over by the flexible super powers of Mr McNeill and so chose him for their Blind Date to Munchies!

The House Team would like to thank the hundreds of pupils and many staff who came along to support the event and enjoy the entertainment. A special thanks to Neil Manderson who hosted the event as Priscilla Black. He gets special bonus points for getting in a colouring in gag at the expense of a Biology teacher!


So close as Seton’s speedy Simon seals it…

So close as Seton Simon’s speed seals it

House rugby took centre stage on Wednesday February 6th when Senior teams representing Gosford, Grange and Seton competed in a hard fought contest to decide House Rugby Champions 2013. For the last 3 years, Grange have emerged comfortable winners and, as such, this year’s team were looking to make it four wins in a row led by Head Boy, Jamie Halvorson. Up first were Gosford and Grange in a head to head that saw the reigning champs run out comfortable winners against a plucky Gosford team. Mr Thomas and Mr Bennion could be heard from some distance away (Tranent) shouting on their respective sides but it was the blue of Bennion and Grange who prevailed. Next up were Gosford and Seton, with the speed of Simon Blair almost impossible for the Gold of Gosford to contend with. Poor Mr Thomas did his best to rally the troops but Simon’s pace alone made such a difference to proceedings and Seton ran out the victors…just in time for Seton’s own rugby fanatic, Mr Lanyon to appear with his Press Pass. The final was set up nicely to be decided with a 7 minute contest between 2012 winners, Grange and a likely looking Seton. The opening exchanges saw Grange’s obvious power advantage mean they had a fair bit of possession but challenges were being made all over the pitch by both sides and a titan struggle ensued. Seton endeavoured to try and get the ball to Simon Blair in an attempt at exploiting the stunning pace that undid Gosford with ease but Grange recognised this to be the main thrust of Seton’s game plan and made sure they countered this as a priority. Things could not be poised more closely.The game remained on a knife edge throughout and looked almost certain to be heading for a 0-0 draw until it was jinxed by the prophetic words of Grange Head Coach Bennion… “One try is going to win this” he said with all the foresight of a lottery predicting woman called Meg. And one try did. With literally 5 seconds on the clock Seton finally got the ball to speed merchant Simon with space and daylight ahead of him. Alex Caughey tried valiantly to track him down but Seton’s answer to Bryan Habana skipped swiftly over the try line and touch down whilst simultaneously Mr Thomas blew the whistle for full time. Game and rugby reign over. The House Team would like to thank all of the pupils and staff who came out to watch the competition and support their respective teams – the players appreciated it. A big well done to both Gosford and Grange who had the majority of the support on the day – with a big shout in particular for 1Gr1 who were there en masse to support their house. Congratulations to Seton and well done to Grange for making their fourth final in a row. Commiserations to Gosford but everyone appreciated the effort the players made to represent their side, even if rolling around in the mud isn’t their sport. (We blame their House Mentor). Finally, thanks to the staff who gave up their lunchtime to help referee, organise, take photos or marvel at Neil Manderson’s tights.

House Competition “Date” for you Diary…

House Blind Date

In recognition of Valentine’s Day, the House Captains also intend to present their own version of Blind Date during the month of February. Unfortunately, the big day lands whilst we are all on Half Term holiday but this is not proving to be a deterrent and information about this event will be distributed to registration classes in due course. A video trailer to promote the event is being filmed as we write – watch out for it in registration and on the school website.

House Rugby Competition

The House captains, in conjunction with the school Sports Ambassadors, are organising an inter-house rugby competition to be contested on Wednesday 6th February at lunch time. It is open to all pupils in S4-S6 and will take place in the school grounds, weather permitting. Any individual wishing to represent their House for this event should see their house captains as soon as possible. The captains will also be visiting registration classes in due course to collect names.

Battlefields 2013 – important meeting Thursday Jan 31st

There will be a meeting on Thursday January 31st at 1.15pm for all pupils attending the Battlefields trip this coming June. We will be discussing details of the trip and issuing important – all pupils must attend unless there is a good reason (prelims etc). If there is a valid reason for you not being able to come along to the meeting please see Mrs Binnie or Ms Armstrong as a matter of priority.

The meeting will be held in Ms Armstrong’s room at 1.15pm.

Mrs Binnie, Ms Armstrong and Lee Moore