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Teen Fitness

Over the last few months, enjoyleisure has been putting together a proposal for a ‘junior teen membership’ – catering for 12-15 year olds.

I’m delighted to inform you that our new Teen Fitness Membership packages are now LIVE and available to purchase at all East Lothian Sports Centres.

We are all aware of the importance and benefits that come from engaging in physical activity.  As the leisure provider for East Lothian we wanted to create an affordable means of encouraging this key target age group (teens) to participate in general fitness and physical activities.

I’ve attached information about the memberships packages:

  • Teen Membership Poster
  • Teen Membership Leaflet (which provides further details and Terms & Conditions)
  • The enjoyleisure Fitness Class timetable which indicates the range of “Teen Friendly” classes
  • Some promotional copy about the teen membership packages

In summary the packages include:

Age 12-13 Years: Age 14-15 Years:
£14.00 per month (payable by Direct Debit)


£18.00 per month (payable by Direct Debit)


Provides access to:

–          Swimming pools

–          Free Gym Induction

–          Gym access (when supervised by an adult (over 16 years)

–          Dedicated Teen Gym & Fitness Sessions

–          Selected Fitness classes as indicated in the class timetable (TF) when accompanied by an adult, over 16 years


Provides access to:

–          Swimming pools

–          Free Gym Induction

–          Gym access (when supervised by an adult (over 16 years)

–          Dedicated Teen Gym & Fitness Sessions

–          Selected Fitness classes as indicated in the class timetable (TF).   (Must be accompanied by an adult at Mercat Gait Centre).



Feel Energised, Get Fit & Have Fun!

Ever thought about doing a workout in the gym?  Joining a fitness class or splashing around the pool with your mates?  Now you can – as much as you like – for a single monthly fee with enjoyleisure’s Teen Fitness Membership Pass for 12 – 15 year olds.

As well as swimming as much as you like you can attend any of our Teen Gym sessions, and when accompanied by someone 16+ years you can use the gym, and attend a wide range of fitness classes.  (If you 14+ you can attend these classes with your friends.)  Look out for the Teen Friendly (TF) symbol in the fitness class timetable.

Attend just 2 sessions a week, and you’ll save on Standard Admission Prices:

£14.00 per month 12-13 years
£18.00 per month  14-15 years

Interested?  Check out this link:

Available from all East Lothian Sports Centres


Do you feel like you need to Whatsapp / Snapchat / Insta-message / TikTok your teen just to get them to speak to you?

I’m sure like us, you’d rather they were off their phone, out and about and being active!


It gives your 12-15 year old access to unlimited swimming, Teen Gym sessions, and access to the Gym and Fitness Classes – with an accompanying adult (so you can spend time with them too J) all for a single monthly fee that doesn’t break the bank!

It’s payable by direct debit, so you don’t need to dip into your purse/wallet every 5 minutes.   (We cannot guarantee this!)  But, since it’s already paid for, they can be active whenever they want.

£14 per month for 12-13 year olds
£18 per month for 14-15 year olds

Simple.  Easy.  Enjoyable.

Available for all East Lothian Sports Centres!

Want to know more?  Click here for details: 


Foundation Apprenticeships

East Lothian Works’ Foundation Apprenticeship leaflet for 2020-2022 has been released! This leaflet displays the frameworks on offer for students, and identifies the pathways available for young Foundation Apprenticeship pupils. This year’s leaflet is particularly special as it features some of our current Foundation Apprenticeship students either at their workplace, or in the classroom. East Lothian Works would like to extend a huge thank you to these young people for being a part of this leaflet.

Foundation Apprenticeships are fantastic opportunities to gain knowledge in a certain subject while also gaining invaluable work experience. This provides students with a competitive edge when applying for jobs, Modern/Graduate Apprenticeships, Universities, and/or Colleges. They also boost confidence, self-esteem, and can provide pupils with a clear sense of direction once they leave school.

Foundation Apprenticeships are available to Senior Phase students. If you are interested in doing a Foundation Apprenticeship please speak to your Guidance Teacher.