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Unicorn Quest

The Pennypit Community Development Trust have asked us to share this with you.

We are pleased to announce our second game of the Unicorn Quest. The theme of this one is Along the Shore.  This game is focussed on an orienteering kind of activity, where families can walk along and write down the numbers and letters along the route. The letters make up a word and the numbers make a total number.

This game is not only fun but safe, free and a great way to see the natural heritage of the PSG area.

Map can be found here

Recording sheet can be found here

You can find more information about the Unicorn Quest on the following link:

Any issues or questions please don’t hesitate to contact me


Jonathan Sharples

The Pennypit Community Development Trust

Fundamental Foods


Preston Lodge High School – Doddie Aid Challenge

With the school closed and the laptops open, it’s important for us all to keep an eye on our health and wellbeing. 30mins a day moderate exercise is the absolute minimum that we should be doing to keep ourselves healthy. With that in mind, we have decided to enter PLHS into ‘Doddie Aid’!

Its a simple concept, but we hope it will provide a little extra motivation to get outside and do some kind of exercise. It doesn’t need to be running, it can be walking, cycling, dog walking, golf, anything!

We have been entered into ‘Team South’ in a competition against the other regions of Scotland and the Scottish Exiles around the world. As you are not getting your normal PE lessons we are asking you (and your family if they wish) to do the following:

– Download the trac4GOOD app,

– Join ‘team south’

– Use the app to help track your exercise

The challenge finishes in mid February, only then send a pic of your total distance to to get a Preston Lodge grand total! You can keep up-to-date with Doddie Aid through twitter @PLHS_PE

In addition, you can donate to Doddie Aid using this link here.

This is your PE lesson! Get out, challenge yourself, enjoy!

Chris Thomas, PE

The Teams

To add an element of competition (Doddie is extreeemely competitive!), there are 5 teams from the old Inter-District championship. The SouthEdinburghGlasgowNorth & Midlands and the Exiles. See the Scoreboard page for the 4 criteria the Districts will be competing in. Once signed up for your District, for a small donation you will get your free district snood, and then you need to start logging all your exercise miles, be it walking the dog, rowing on an Ergo, climbing a hill or skiing back down, or measuring your steps through the working day; anything you TRY, they all count.


The other key way you can help your District is to spread the word and recruit your friends and family into the team. They do not need to be local, or even from the District, or for that matter, Scottish at all. You can score CONVERSIONS by recruiting any poor soul not lucky enough to be born Scottish. The more interesting or well kent they are, the more bonus points you earn when you message your conversion on the Doddie Gump Facebook page via Facebook Messenger. Hopefully your District Manager and 2 Captains will be leading the way on major conversions. But who are you going to sign up?


At the end of the challenge, the scoreboards will be added up for each team to find out which District will be crowned 2021 INTER-DISTRICT CHAMPION!



Key worker application process reopened

Dear Parent/Carer,

As a result of the First Minister’s announcement on Monday 4th January 2021, schools will be closed to most children other than children of key workers and the most vulnerable until 29th January 2021.  This is a change from the initial statement from the First Minister on 19th December 2020 which required a phased return to school.

Due to the extended period of school closure, East Lothian Council has reopened the application process for key worker children to access places for in-school learning and childcare from Monday 18th to Friday 29th January 2021.  This online application process is for new applicants who did not apply in the first round in December 2020.  Those who have confirmed places already will roll over in to extended period and do not need to reapply.

Priority will be given to those key workers in category 1 and category 2 where both parent/carers are key workers or where there is a single parent who is a key worker.  Information about the category definitions can be found here:

Wherever possible, parents/carers should make use of informal childcare arrangements in line with the Scottish Government Guidance.

Any parents/carers who believe they are key workers under criteria set out by the Scottish Government will be invited to complete our online application.  This link to this application can be found here:

Kind regards

The Education Support Team