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Salt Scientists

On Saturday 20th June members of the PL Chemistry club presented a sample of sea salt to a visiting delegation from Newbattle Abbey College. The delegation followed the Salter’s Way, the route traditionally taken by the Cistercian Monks from their Abbey at Newbattle to Salt Prestoun (modern day Prestonpans) from 1198. These monks came year after year until their Abbey was dissolved in 1560. They used the readily available coal to boil the sea water using 2 tonnes of coal to produce 2 tonnes of salt.

PL Chemistry Club were challenged to replicate the conditions used by the original Salters and produce pure salt from sea water. This was carried out by filtering and recrystallising crude salt derived from the sea in Prestonpans.

S2 Health Day – Looking Good, Feeling Great

Our S2 pupils enjoyed a fantastic day of health and wellbeing activities in school on Tuesday 9th June.  The day started with a motivational address from Don Ledingham, Director of Education and Children’s Services followed by a wake up session by our own Mr and Mrs Motivator (Mr Thomas and Mrs Pike).  Pupils then participated in 5 sessions including:

Ø  Aim … Fire  – Archery

Ø  And Relax … Meditation

Ø  Pilates

Ø  Belly Dancing

Ø  Boogie in the Daytime – Dance Mats

Ø  Fuel Food – Healthy Cooking

Ø  Games for Fitness

Ø  Herbal Medicine

Ø  Keep to the Beat – Guitar Hero

Ø  Kidd the Builder – Can you fix it – Problem Solving

Ø  Mr McKay’s Martial Mayhem – Karate

Ø  Spots, Skin and Sweat – Superdrug

Ø  The Drugs don’t work – Drugs Advice

Ø  You Booze, you lose – Alcohol Advice

A huge thanks to all staff who ran sessions and accompanied groups.  We are also very grateful to Clare Demarco and her team from Superdrug, David Fenwick of the Integration Team, John Cowan of the Police, Audrey Cowan of ABEL, Val Minty, Juliet Mosson and Napier University for running sessions.

Prizegiving 2009 – Sports Awards

The following pupils will receive Sports Awards at the Prizegiving Ceremony on Tuesday 16th June.

1st year girls Athletics Winner                    Katie Cochrane

1st year boys athletics Winner                     Lewis Jarron

2nd year girls athletics winner                     Emmellie Young, Brodie Sandilands

2nd year boys Athletics Winner                   Douglas Horne

3rd year girls Athletics Winner                   Karen Munro

3rd year boys Athletics Winner                   Nicky Garrity

Scottish Schools Quaich for Badminton        Representative: Fraser Whillins

Youth Games                                               Representative Ami Jane Russell

Girls East of Scotland Football                   Representative Sam Cunningham

East Lothian 1st year hockey winners            Representative Katie Cochrane

East Lothian 2nd Year hockey winners          Representative Chelsea Anderson

Prestonpans Community Shield u14s              Representative Cameron McSorley

East Lothian  Girls S1-3 football                 Representative Hannah Bruce

East Lothian s1 Football                              Representative Lewis Tulloch

Outstanding Girl Performer                        Alex Dickenson

Outstanding Boy Performer                         Ryan Bathgate


Prizegiving 2009

Please find below a list of Prizewinners this academic year.  The Prizegiving Ceremony will take place on Tuesday 16 June 2009.

Prizewinners 2009

S1 Academic Prizes and Certificates of Distinction

Julia Gribbin, Cameron Wyllie

S1 Academic Prizes

Bronwyn O’Neill, Ashton Ritchie, Jenny Tran, Craig Munro, Rachel Lannon, Kristina Burns

S1 Certificates of Distinction

Eilidh Alexander, Ailie Inverarity, Courteney Ritchie, Rachael Milne, Michael Hill, Tegan Stewart, Laura Cunningham, Michael King, Connor Woods, Africa Buchanan, Emma Calderhead, Cameron Watt, Nicollette Blair, Louissa Robertson, Kieran Taafe

S2 Academic Prizes and Certificates of Distinction

Amy Kerr, Rebecca Muir, Cameron McSorley, Brodie Sandilands, Clara Owen

S2 Academic Prizes

Calum Satterley, Anna Wright, Finlay Richardson

S2 Certificates of Distinction

Shona Bell, Anna Devine, Lara McKirdy, Brogan Garrity, Kirsty Edwards, Craig Law, Louise Bain, Emmelie Young, Vanessa Bartie, Lindsey Black, Alexander Caughey, Alanna MacFarlane, Graham Turner, Adam Vince

S3 Academic Prizes and Certificates of Distinction

Jack Longmuir

S3 Academic Prizes

Taylor McKillop, Kate Wilson, Ricki Scott, Callum Price, Emma Cullen, Rebecca Atkins, Sean Gaffney, Scott Robertson, Neil Wyllie

S3 Certificates of Distinction

Gerard O’Brien, Morgan MacColl, Katie White, Emma Flockhart, Mark Singer,

Kimberley Thomson, Fraser Johnston James Porteous, Ben Harvie, Michael McKirdy, Rachel Murdoch

S4 Academic Prizes and Certificates of Distinction

Brian Dickson, Jennifer McCraw, Alex Dickenson, Jennifer Walker, Stuart Morgan, Andrew O’Brien

S4 Academic Prizes

Ross Currie, Neil Moyes

S4 Certiticates of Distinction

Ellen Whillans, Kirsty McLeod, Louise Dobie, William Lawson, Bethany Eeles, Samantha Naylor, Keir Stewart

Dux of S4

Brian Dickson and Neil Moyes

S 5 Academic Prizes and Certificates of Distinction

Catherine Martin

S5 Academic Prizes

Iain Richardson, Darren Watson, Sean Coyle, Katie Hill, Marna Doidge

S5 Certificates of Distinction

Amanda Norris, Lisanne Viersen, Caitlin McCusker

S6 Prizes for Academic Excellence and Certificates of Distinction

Euan Doidge, Jamie Docherty, Gylen Odling, Grant Richardson

S6 Certificates of Distinction

Laura Higgins, Louise Baldie, Ami Johnston, Sharon Davie, John Kong, Alison Coull,Calum Daly

David Fisher, Scott Grant, Alister Guiney, David Black, Louise Laing,

Fraser Moodie, Catriona Oliver

Peter Ford Award

Euan Doidge

Dux of the School

Iain Richardson