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PL2000 Club winners

The winners of this month’s PL 2000 club are
1st Mr Mrs Torrance
2nd Mr Taylor
3rd AM Dixon
Forms are available from school office if you wish to join and support funding for school equipment and resources.

PL2000 Club winners

Please see below PL2000 Club winners from December 2016- February 2017

Dec 16 1st A M Dixon 2nd V Donaldson 3rd L Howie

Jan 17 1st H Paterson 2nd R Mason 3rd M Fuller

Feb 17 1st V Donaldson 2nd B Smith 3rd D Clark

 Thank you all for your continued support. If you would like to take part in the PL 2000 club prize draw please collect a form from the school office or see below

2000 Club January winners

The winners for the January draw for the PL 2000 Club were

1st Ms C Gibson

2nd Mrs F Torley

3rd Mr and Mrs Morgan

If you wish further information on how to join please contact the school office for a form, or please feel free to download the forms below

PL 2000 Club

winning money
Congratulations to the following winners for May –

1st – £74 – Mr and Mrs Helmn
2nd – £45 Mr and Mrs Muir
3rd – £30 – Mr and Mrs Clarke

Thanks to everyone for their continued support.