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Pipeband in China: TV Spectacular

This is an amazing thing to watch. The Preston Lodge High School Pipe Band at the 19th Nanning International Folk Song Festival.

You should watch the first few minutes to get a sense of the magnitude of this event, a stadium audience of around 50000 and a massive TV audience – Scotmid are getting their monies worth from the sponsorship message on the bass drum!!

The show is around 2½ hours long but the section featuring our Pipe Band starts at around 01:44:00 with the band making their appearance around 01:47:30

Guangxi TV station 19th Nanning International Festival Opening Gala Concert

Preston Lodge Pipe Band at the 2017 Nanning Festival Gala Concert

There is also Chinese TV News coverage of the visit the band made to a school on the 1st day of their visit

Pipeband in China: Nanning Day 4

Monday was to be a busy day rehearsing for the opening gala concert but we had some free time in the morning so visited the Quangxi Arts Institute which would be the equivalent of the Royal Conservatoire in Glasgow.

There were many music shops in the area and we visited the biggest one. The staff were incredibly helpful and demonstrated and allowed us to try a wide variety of traditional Chinese instruments. Lee bought a Hulusi flute which has similarities to the bagpipes in that it is a reeded instrument with a chanter and two drones. It is also in the same key as the bagpipes so perhaps we will be able to combine the two instruments in the future.

Lunch was a challenging affair with a variety of pretty unusual delicacies. Ducks feet were the order of the day and though a few of us tried to give it a go, in the end none of us had the stomach for it.

Our interpreter, Kimi, spent some time with us teaching us how to say our “Chinese” names with sometimes hilarious outcomes. In the end she awarded us all 90 – 100%.

The rest of the day was spent rehearsing for the show. The press were out in force and we gave interviews for various television stations throughout Asia. We were also in serious demand for photos and I’m sure by now the entire cast has had a selfie taken with at least one of us.

The day finished quite late and we did not get back to our hotel until 12.30am.

It’s showtime tomorrow so everyone will hopefully get a good nights sleep.

Pipeband in China: Nanning Day 3

Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest for us but the musical director of the opening concert decided to call another rehearsal in the evening. With the concert being such a large scale production and viewed live by millions on television they were leaving nothing to chance.

We still had most of the day free so our guides took us to a traditional Chinese spice market. We took the metro, which has been a new addition since our first visit to Nanning in 2013, which was very busy but quite comfortable with air conditioning. The area where the market was located was in a much less developed area of the city which gave us a good feel for what ‘old’ Nanning would have been like. The market was very busy and the sounds and smells were an assault on the senses.

We sampled a variety of Chinese herbs, dried fruits and roots, and tea, and bought some things to take home. We then visited a traditional clothes market which was a multi storey building with small stalls inside. Each floor was dedicated to a particular item. One entire floor of shops selling suitcases and bags, another completely dedicated to underwear, another for men’s clothes and another for lady’s clothes. There was even a street with 4 or 5 shops beside each other selling umbrellas. This gave us a good opportunity to test our haggling skills as if you weren’t getting an item for the price you wanted you simply moved to the next shop and continued until you got it for the price you wanted. Competition for our custom was fierce amongst the traders and we all came away with some serious bargains, with the possible exception of the hats that Josh and Blair bought.

After dinner we were taken to the stadium for more rehearsals. The rehearsal was a very long drawn out affair but it gave us a good opportunity to see some of the other acts rehearsing, and also mix and have fun with many of the other artists backstage.

Everyone is really enjoying themselves and coping admirably with the intense heat and humidity.

Pipeband in China: Nanning Day 2

We were allowed to have a fairly relaxed morning after the busy day yesterday and were picked up at 11.30am and taken to the Guangxi Sports Stadium which is the venue of the International Arts Festival of Folk Songs Opening Concert which we are to be part of.

We are performing a piece of music called “Song across the Land” which is a culturally diverse piece of music, including Chinese music, singing in the Zhuang minority language, Malaysian singing, and of course the bagpipes with Scotland the Brave included. This piece is to be the finale of the concert. It was explained to us that professional musicians from all over the world have performed at the festival many times but very few have ever taken part in the opening concert, and never before have they had a school group from outside Asia performing, so for us to be involved is indeed quite a coup.

We started the afternoon by recording what we were to play for their backing track for the concert, because although we would be playing live on the night it was going to make the sound engineer’s job easier to have a pre-recorded mix coming through. Nothing is left to chance here and the sheer scale of the production is very impressive.

After dinner in our hotel we were again back to the stadium that night for more rehearsals.

We should all sleep well tonight.

Pipe Band in China: Day 1 in Nanning

We left Edinburgh at 4pm on Wednesday and after a long journey via Paris and Shanghai we arrived at our hotel in Nanning at midnight on Thursday night. Our rooms are lovely and spacious and on the 33rd – 37th floors of the hotel giving us excellent views across the city. The temperature is in the low 30’s and very humid.

We are joined on the trip by Olivia Contini who is a representative of Scottish China Education Network(SCEN). Olivia is originally from Musselburgh and is living in Guang studying Chinese.

We were up bright and early on the Friday morning. Breakfast

at 7am and left the hotel at 8.30am dressed in full band uniform ready to do our first gig at Nanning Out of School Educational Activity Centre for Primary and Secondary Schools. When we arrived at the school we were led into the concert venue and across the top of the stage was a huge banner which said, “Welcome to the teachers and students of Preston Lodge High School Pipe Band,” which did indeed make us feel very welcome. We gave a short 10 minute performance which was warmly received and were then treated to a variety of performances from young people playing traditional Chinese instruments and songs. The talent on display from the Chinese children was truly impressive.

At the end of the performances Olivia Contini and the Director of the school signed a “Memoranda of Understanding” between SCEN and the school to establish long term links and exchanges.

Lots of photos were then taken and various members of the band were interviewed for local television.

We were then treated to a short tour of the school and had some fun in their award-winning robotics department.

We had lunch in a local restaurant where we sampled a vast array of strange and wonderful foods. Everyone in the group tried most things on offer however nobody was brave enough to eat the chicken head that was served with the chicken.

After lunch, we went on a trip with some of the Chinese students to Qingxiu mountain, which was akin to the botanic gardens on a hillside. The weather was far too hot for us to do any serious walking so instead we were driven around on a small open sided bus. The gardens were immaculately kept and the views from the top across the city were stunning.

Afterwards we were taken back to our hotel where everyone was glad to change out of our pipe band gear into shorts and t-shirts and for some much needed rest and relaxation.

Everyone is in good spirits and making the most of what should be an unforgettable trip.

Borneo 2019

Please see information below regarding the proposed trip to Borneo in 2019. This trip is open to current S3-5 students. Should you wish a paper copy of this information please see the office. There is a Parents’s Evening at the school on Tuesday 12 September at 6.00 pm where Outlook Expeditions will give further information about the trip.

Holland 2017 – Day whatever, like, who cares – What is day anyway?

The day started in a panic as Stuart had set his alarm for 7.00pm rather than 7.00am – who was his maths teacher? Apparently this has happened more than once and Liz has stepped in to provide some maths recovery using FlashCards which she has thrown together on am/pm time and 24 hour clock.

Stuart has been given the opportunity to put his new learning into action as he will be trying again to waken us all tomorrow. Now some of us are not holding our breath – as we unfortunately believe that Stuart has a “fixed mind set” and feels unable, or more likely, unwilling to learn to accurately distinguish between ante meridiem and post meridiem.

Anyway, once we were awake, it was time to set off to Bobbejaanland. The weather was mixed and we had few showers which damped neither spirit nor body, this was largely due to the soaking from the Indiana River running out of us.

Our bold adventurers conquered all of the rides which Bobbejaanland could throw at them and left the park exhausted.

The return to Hotel Op De Boud was very quiet. Dinner, packing, tidy rooms and then down for our traditional last night Karaoke.

Tomorrow is another early start as we begin our return journey to Prestonpans.  We will be stopping for the afternoon in Gouda for some shopping and cheese and then travelling on to Rotterdam for the overnight ferry to Hull.  This will be our final post with no internet connection on the ferry.

Our Staff team wish to thank our parents and carers for allowing us to spend the past week with your wonderful young people.  They have been great company, great fun and an enormous credit to their families and our school community. Many of them have challenged themselves through the activities but more importantly they have all had a blast. #ProudToBePL


Valkenburg 2017 – Day 4 – The Quiet Day

For many years the Monday of the Valkenburg trip has been the day of rest.

All of the activities are within 10 miles of Valkenburg and we all took advantage of lie-in until 07:30.

Our adventurers set of for Snowworld Landgraaf for a few hours of high ropes fun. We are are pleased to tell our readers that each one of the 42 young people took part in this activity. For some this was an exciting and interesting way to start a day but for others this was huge life event. On Saturday several of our young people chose not to take the pretty tame chairlift to the Rodelbaan in Valkenburg but instead to walk up the hill. Today we are pleased to announce these same young people accepted and conquered “Europe’s Largest High Ropes” course, some of them defeating both the easier (Blue Course) and the harder and higher Black Course. #ProudToBe PL #FightTheFear

Lunch was a healthy packed lunch in the sun and then we were off to Mosaqua in Gulpen for a swim.

Indoor and outdoor pools both open in the warm but not too sunny afternoon. Once again everyone of our adventurers took part in this activity which has not always happened on previous PL outings to Valkenburg. Now photographs in the swimming pools are never easy for a selection of reasons but please trust us they all had a great time in an amazing pool.


The evening was spent in LaserTag in the lime caves above Valkenburg and then back to the Hotel where despite the staff telling them that the day was still young, our young people all pleaded to go to bed. What chance do we have as a nation when our young folk are so keen to hit the hay when the night is still young.

Tomorrow is an early start for the run to Belgium and theme park number two Bobbejaanland





Valkenburg 2017 – Day 3 – Phantasialand

The day began a little wet in Valkenburg but by the time we set of for Phantasialand the sun was out and the weather was perfect.

The park was really quiet and the queue times were very reasonable.

Our adventurers had plenty of time to eat their pack lunch and then still use their park supplied lunch voucher to sample the currybratwurst (mit brötchen) wae chips, others with a more adventurous pallet tried the asiannoodles (mit hund und gemuse). Churros, waffles, Eis and and selection of slush type drinks also had to be consumed.

ALL of our adventurers took themselves out of their comfort zones today and really had a go. The queue times allowed some to go on their favourite rides multiple times, which some them managed between snacks (which almost made them miss their evening meal!).

Hotel Op De Boud did us proud with a lovely pasta bolognaise and then we dived into the tuck shop and the Kegelbahn (9 pin bowling).

Our very own Ann Robinson was quick to identify our weakest links and Stuart was send for an early bath. Some of our adventurers went on to win  unofficial “Tuck Vouchers”  – obviously!!!  





Now some of our more pedantic readers will have been annoyed at the incorrect use of the word pallet rather than palate – but you should see the size of some of these mouths.

Tomorrow is the quiet day in Valkenburg, so the travellers will have time to check out some of your comments.


You are the weakest link……goodbye