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New Pupil E-Mail System Launched

Closure of Edukit Pupil e-mail systemEdukit

From the end of March the existing pupil e-mail system provided by Edukit will be closed.

If you have any important e-mail or information stored on the site you must remove or you will lose it!

New Pupil e-mail system

During the next few days we will be registering all pupils with a new system for pupil e-mail. The new system is hosted by Google and works just like a Google Mail account, it is called

Your new e-mail address is     (e.g. “”)

Your username is the same as your Network log-in username.

Your e-mail password

This is the same as your Network password, but you must change this when you log-in.

Pupil e-mail system :

More information on the Pupil E-mail system can be found on the “Pupil e-mail” tab of the Daily Notices

Revised Pupil Timetables

The timetable being operated in August 2008 is slightly different from that used in June.

Download and print your new timetable from the list below. To do this you must know which year group and register class you are in.

S1 and S2 pupils will also need to know which Practical set they are in.

S5 and S6



S2 Group A  2Go1,2Gr1, 2Se1

S2 Group B  2Go2, 2Gr2

S2 Group C  2Se2, 2Se3

S1 Group A  1Go1, 1Gr1, 1Se1 (Except 1a4A)

S1 Group B   1Go2, 1Gr2, 1Se2  (Except 1a4B)

S1 Group C  1Go3, 1Gr3 (Except 1a4)

S1 Practical Set 1a4

SET(Science, Engineering & Technology) Summer School

Heriot Watt University

28 July – 1 August 2008

“A fun and relaxed way to find out what university life is all about”

Pupils from East and West Lothian schools will attend the RSE/Heriot-Watt University SET Summer Week, which has been planned to take place this year from Monday 28th July to Friday 1st August 2008.

Interactive SET workshops will be available on the following subjects:

– civil engineering (build a raft and test it on a wave basin);
– mechanical engineering;
– computer science;
– chemistry;
– actuarial maths;
– sports psychology
– physics (see lasers at work while making ice-cream!)

and there will be general sessions on “how students get by financially’ and ‘how to balance your studies with your social life’.

Web address:

Kickstart Summer Programmes

Edinburgh University Crest
University of Edinburgh

14-18 July 2008

Kickstart is presented jointly by Napier University, Queen Margaret University, the Scottish Agricultural College and the University of Edinburgh and is funded by East Lothian, Midlothian and West Lothian Councils with support from the Lottery Fund. It is free to S5 students.

Kickstart is designed to provide students with an experience of University. The aim is to give as real an experience as possible (without the essays and exams!) with a deeper insight into some of the subject areas offered within Higher Education. During the week two distinct programmes are run, one focussing on Humanities and Social Science subjects, and the other on Health, Science and Technology subjects. Both programmes also contain a strong focus on the essential skills required to succeed in school, college, university and the workplace. At the end of Kickstart, you should have a clearer idea about what you want to do when you finish school.

Web address:

LEAPS Summer School

Leaps banner

Lothian Equal Access Programme for Schools (LEAPS) SUMMER SCHOOL

The LEAPS programme provides support and encouragement to school students whose ability to fulfil their academic potential has been adversely affected by social or economic circumstances. Aims to increase non-traditional student participation in HE. LEAPS works with all state secondary schools in the region, liaising with school staff and colleagues to identify eligible students.

<!–[if !supportLists]–>· <!–[endif]–>LEAPS 8 week Summer School: open to eligible students holding an offer of a UK degree programme place. The summer school prepares students for university life, helps develop study and social skills, boosts self confidence, reinforces knowledge of subjects, offers an opportunity for students to try out new subjects and to show potential to succeed on a degree course if they do not meet their SQA conditions.

Web address for summer school:

Primary 7 into S1 “Get Ahead” Programme – Friday 8 August

Primary 7 into S1 Get Ahead Programme – Friday 8 August – 1000 -1500 hours.plcrest.jpg

Does your child start at Preston Lodge High School in August 2008?

We are running a one day fun programme with all our new recruits to ease the transition to secondary school. Pupils working in register classes will take part in a range of activities will allow them to become more familiar with the school and the other pupils in their register class.

Please encourage your child to take part.

The letter and consent form have already been issued via Primary Schools but they are also available here.

Get Ahead Programme 2008 consent form

Pupils should pass consent slip to their primary school teacher or e-mail me at

S4 into S5 University Programme

Is your son or daughter returning for S5? Heriot Watt Crest

Heriot Watt University are piloting a 2 day programme for all S5 returners which gives them the chance to:

  • find out what it’s like to be a student in a real university

  • learn about exciting courses and careers in science, engineering and technology

  • increase their confidence in a relaxed and friendly environment

  • make friends with people from other schools in their area

  • consider whether higher education could be right for them

The 2 day programme is running on 24 and 25 July at Heriot Watt and is entirely free.

Any interested pupils, should complete the flyer (download below) and return direct to Heriot Watt University.

Heriot-Watt Programme Flyer 24/24 July

Cost of transport will be refunded.


Further information from