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  • today, 8th March 2010, is celebrating it’s 3rd Birthday!


It’s been 3 years to the day since was first registered on, the East Lothian educational blogging community. And what a long way we’ve come!

Starting with just two main sites – the main site, and ‘Today @ PLHS’ – the daily notices for use in school, we now have around 30 contributing sites from subject sites, to yearbooks, to pupil web jotters, is a vast network of contributors from around the school. By far the largest portion of, has over 120 teachers, pupils and office staff adding to the site almost daily.

Consistently top of the web traffic hits across the community, is beating the likes of Don Ledingham’s Learning Log, North Berwick High School (and all the other High Schools in the area), and is currently sitting at 1580 email subscribers consisting of parents, pupils and alumni. News from the school is now frequent and more easily accessible than most others!pl

Debuting new web technologies to the education scene in East Lothian has been’s specialty – from RSS feeds to newsletters, embedded forms and calendars, interactive magazines and documents, to widgets and discussions – is making web publishing available to the many, and not exclusive to the technically able few. It just goes to show how quickly new technologies arise in just a few short years – who knows what features will be around in the next few years?!

So thank you to all our avid readers, contributors, editors and technical helpers, and Well Done and Happy Birthday to!

On This Day… is taking a leaf out of Google’s book! We too will be changing our logo to suit various holidays and events throughout the year – an “On This Day in History”, event and seasonal approach.

So, to start us off, we have Monday 18th August – Helium was first discovered.

On this day in 1868 (140 years ago today), the French astronomer Pierre Janssen, whilst observing a solar eclipse in India, noticed an unknown bright yellow spectral line signature in the light from the sun. This yellow line had never been seen before, so Pierre’s conclusion was that he had discovered a new element – Helium. He was unfortunately ridiculed since no other element had ever been detected in space before being found on Earth – which makes his discovery even more impressive, and the first element to be found this way.

Quick Facts: Helium

– colourless, odourless, tasteless, non-toxic, inert monatomic chemical element that heads the noble gas series in the periodic table and whose atomic number is 2

– Helium is the second lightest element and is the second most abundant in the observable Universe. Most helium was formed during the Big Bang, but new helium is being created as a result of the nuclear fusion of hydrogen in stars

– Helium is named after the Greek word for the Sun – helios (?????)

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