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House Football Trailer goes viral…

A House Football event will be taking place next week at lunch time on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. A promotional video has been made by your House Captains to give staff and pupils alike more information about this popular event.

Captains will be round register classes towards the end of the week to ensure teams are selected properly but the dates you need to remember for your diary are:

  • Monday S1/S2 competition
  • Tuesday S3/4 competition
  • Wednesday Seniors competition

Who will win? Not even Keiran Mullen knows!

The House Team

House Captains Meeting today – important update for S6 Captains

As school was closed to pupils yesterday, the Monday Lunchtime House Captains’ Meeting happened with only Mr Thomas, Mrs Binnie and Mr Orr able to attend. It was therefore decided that we should reschedule yesterday’s meeting for today.

Can all House Captains please make their way to the PE staff base at 1pm for a meeting about Thursday’s Dance Off and the remaining assemblies this week.

Thank you!

Mr T, Mrs B and Mr O


Soccer AM Dance off – eat yer heart out!






When we return from the half term holiday pupils from all three houses will be treated to assemblies like you’ve never seen before. In an attempt to promote the next house competition on February 23rd, your House Captains will bring you the assembly to rival Soccer AM’s renowned Dance Off!

We shall say no more – but be late for assemblies on the first week back and live to regret it…

The next house competition will be a musical event – full details will be give out at assembly and each year will have the opportunity to volunteer budding dancers into the house competition fray. More details from your house captains in the first week back – in both assemblies AND during normal registration time. Watch out for them visiting a regi class near you soon!


Tug of war sees Grange and Seton wrestle for the honours…







Our most recent house event – the Seniors Tug of War competition resulted in a huge crowd of pupils turning out to witness one of the best events so far. With our S6 pupils entering fully into the spirit of the competition, we saw red, blue and yellow leg warmers and leotards a plenty – and that was just the boys!







In the competition for young ladies, ladylike behaviour went out the window as our teams fought valiantly for the title of Strongest House. In this particular event, Seton girls came out on top, with Grange second and Gosford third.







A clash of the titans ensued in the male version of this competition with pride and bragging rights very much driving everything that ensued. Grange boys came out on top in this competition as they beat both Seton and Gosford without too much effort – though this was not the case when an inital foul pull happened. A certain Mr Lanyon had somehow managed to sneak himself into the Seton boys team, impacting on their ability to be moved but was soon told off in no uncertain terms by Miss Dalgleish for being a bit of a chancer!







The final overall result of the combined girls and boys event saw Grange finish first, Seton second and Gosford third.

The competition  finale meant some truly colossal characters entered the arena to take on the pupils’ “strongest team” (Grange boys). A staff team with a combined weight of a French front row AND an English front row, laid down the gauntlet to our young heroes. The first tug of war was very close indeed and the Grange boys very much gave the staff a run for their money. However, there was just no shifting the academic giants that are Lanyon, Evans, Robertson and a couple of (by comparison) puny PE punters. The staff edged the Grange boys out – but only just. Mohammed simply couldn’t shift the mountain.



Grange crowned House Rugby Champions 2011…







Grange were today crowned house rugby champions again as their Senior 7s won all of their games in a round robin competition with Seton and Gosford.

Organised by our House Captains, the event was eagerly awaited and enjoyed by the many staff and students who gave up their lunchtime to come along and support our school seniors. Thanks also to Mr Lanyon for taking photographs of the event.



Gosford captain, Ben Stewart, tries to keep his troops going but the look on Murray’s face suggests he is not convinced…



Seton captains Michael McKirdy and Fraser Johnston lead by example against all conquering Grange (below).







Grange captains Blair Robertson and Callum Price lead the winning house to victory.

But it’s handshakes all round after the contest is finished…


Grange Captains Jenna and Kathryn looked pleased…as does Blair!







But it’s smiles all round as everyone involved celebrated the success of the event.


Final standings were


1st Grange


2nd Seton


3rd Gosford

Most Supported Team – Gosford