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Inter House table tennis trials…

Mr Thomas has contacted the House Committee with the following news…

“On Thursday lunchtime over 100 pupils attended the House table tennis trials. While most attending played in the tournament some came down to support their House which created an electric atmosphere!

Each House  played their own tournament with the aim of finding the best three  Junior players and best three Senior players. The highlight of the trials was the senior match between Neil Kelly and Stuart Morgan, Neil coming through victorious in the end in a nail biting finish.

 A house point was awarded for every pupil who participated and the final totals were…


Gosford – 36

Grange – 37

Seton – 27

 The finalists who will go forward to represent their house on Thursday lunchtime are…


Senior – Neil Kelly(TT captain), Rikki McNeil, Liam White.

Junior – Sean Reekie, Ross Douglas, Aidan Davie.


Senior – Cameron Donalson (TT captain), James Crawford, Ryan Nisbet.

Junior – Daniel Luby, Robert Kotua, Aaron Lawson.


Senior – Alex V(TT captain), Stephen Huish, Paul Kellier.

Junior – Chris Gordon, Mark Gibson, Daniel Johnston.


Come along on Thursday lunchtime and support your house table tennis players, if the trials are anything to go by it should be an exciting competition! P.S Staff will be playing for house points also, time for Mr Ramsay and Mr Redford to do their talking on the TT table(not literally!)”

Inter House Challenge about to hot up…

Mr Thomas is in the process of working closely with our new House Captains to make sure this year’s House competition is the most meaningful one yet. Each house has now been assigned its own liaison teacher to help assist the respective House Captains with their House Challenge related duties (Mr Thomas for Gosford, Mrs Christie for Seton and Mrs Binnie for Grange).

New staff have been allocated to one of the three houses and established staff have been reminded of the house they belong to – as Mrs Robertson seemed to have “acquired” a few extras for Seton along the way!

There is a new House Board outside the S6 Common Room providing a focal point for House members and Committee members alike. A new Charity Events board will also hopefully be sited somewhere prominent in the near future to display news of all of the fantastic work being done by our Senior pupils in this respect…

The House Captains are now meeting weekly with Mr Thomas to review activities, planning and organisation of events. In addition to this the House Liaison Officers and a number of other interested staff will be meeting at least once a month with the House Captains.

House Points are once again being collected on a monthly basis and should be forwarded on the last Thursday of each month (pay day to make it easy to remember!) to Mrs Binnie. She has offered to collect, collate and report House Point progress. Mr Frost has kindly agreed to help with displaying this information on school televisions.

If any pupil or staff member has any interesting ideas or pro-active thought on how we can further improve the House Challenge we would be delighted to hear from you!