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Chamonix – Homeward Bound

And so it was that the dawn – recovering from a traumatic week of breakages – managed to creep into the valley like a thief in the night. Quite remarkable really because it needed to cope with some really thick mountain fog. Full marks for perseverance and improved technique.

07:00 and the hotel resounded to the teachers doing their early morning alarm calls. Quelle surprise. Beaucoup des enfants were already up and about, more or less packed. Neither a Lie-In King nor a Lie-Iness Award today.

Rooms were hives of activity as clothes / presents were stuffed into suitcases, rubbish collected into bin bags or vice versa. Rooms were tidied for inspection. Who’s going to win the tidiest room award (We are having an ‘Chamonix Oscars’ Ceremony on the bus tomorrow)

After breakfast everyone moved into a higher gear. The drivers’ deadline for departure was 09:00 hrs. If Cammy and one or two others hadn’t managed to mislay keys we would have been away earlier but, even so, we managed to leave only five minutes late. Jean-Paul, the hotelier, came to see us off. For the second year in a row he complimented the pupils on their good behaviour.

We started down the hill to the motorway. The Proclaimers would, if dead, be turning in their graves to hear the back seat crew murdering “500 Miles”. Most memorable line – “ If I slaver, I’m gonna be the guy who’s slavering over you”. Charming. Actually, it’s “havering” chaps.

So on through France we rolled, kilometres clicking past at a consistent rate – almost exactly 100 per hour. The motorways are so smooth that it almost makes travelling painless (poetic licence again). We swashed and buckled our way out of the mountains with Captain Jack Sparrow as we strove towards World’s End (aka Prestonpans). The mountains and the foothills faded from view behind us as we began to cross central France.

Lunch at Dijon showed our drivers were really cutting the mustard. Many of us took the chance to eat al fresco. The French surely must have a word for that. Oh yes, pique-nique.

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Then it was back in the coach and onward. By teatime we were only 100 miles from Calais. A quick final leg, another 360 litres of fuel and it was into the ferry terminal to wait for our ship.
(To be continued tomorrow in our final blog “School’s Out For Summer”)

Quote Of The Day
“1943 ? Was I born then ?”
(Whilst looking at a dated picture of people working on the cables of the Aiguilles du Midi)
Well, if you’ve just finished First Year, there’s a good chance the answer’s going to be “No”.

Chamonix – getting ready to go

Only Wednesday and Thursday left till we go. If you have not collected your luggage label and sheet with last-minute information please see Mr Whatcott as soon as possible.

Also, if you have not handed in your spending money yet – please do so as soon as possible.

We’ve been looking at the weather forecast for Chamonix over the Saturday and Sunday. It seems it is likely to be sunny with some cloud but temperatures could rise into the 20s.

Here’s hoping.

Timetable Change / Return from Study leave

Most of our S4(New S5) and S5 (New S6) pupils return from study leave on Monday 2nd June. Animated Alarm ClockThere are still a few that have examinations during this week:

Higher/Int2 ComputingAnimated Alarm Clock

Higher/ Int 2 Art and Design

Higher/Int2 Administration

Higher Drama – Higher German

These pupils will be involved in a one-day Enterprise activity on either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday – Groups will be allocated on return.

S4 (New S5) pupils will be following an Induction course on Thursday-all day.

All pupils will follow their existing timetable when not taking part in these activities.

All returning S4 and S5 pupils should make use of this time to confirm their course choice and appointments will be available for discussion with their Guidance teacher

We will be changing the timetable on FRIDAY 6th June. On this day we will have registration extended to allow timetables to be issued to pupils.