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Welcome to our Home Learning page.

Here you’ll find information and resources for students, parents, carers and staff on our approach to remote learning and how we will continue with learning and teaching  during periods of isolation or future school closure.

If you are required to isolate, the work of the class will be shared via Google Classroom. Teachers will  post the work as soon as they can to allow students learning at home to access the work being missed.

Below you can find links to electronic  and printable copies of all the information and resources shared with students, parents and carers used during Lockdown. These approaches are still relevant to students having to isolate. Due to teachers’ main focus now being on classroom based teaching and learning for the majority of students, there may be a slight time lag between a students’ timetabled classes and the work being posted online. Please contact your teacher via Classroom or Edubuzz email if there are any problems.

Use the checklist below to make sure that you are ready for Online Learning

Google Meet and Digital Communication

For parents and carers 

Home Learning Letter 1st May 2020

Home Learning Parent Update 8 1 2021

Advice to Parents

Online educational resources links

Google Classroom information and guides

Guardian Summaries

As a parent, you do not directly access Google Classroom.  Instead, you will be invited to receive a ‘Guardian email summary’. 

In order to receive this summary (and invitation), your child has already been asked to give permission for their data to be shared with you in this way.  If they haven’t done this yet, they can give permission via the ‘Guardian Summary Assignment’ which was set in their year group Google Classroom (this is set up each year).   Once an invitation has been sent, you have 120 days to accept the invitation.

The guardian summary email will look a little like the one on the right.  You don’t get access to the resources, but get a notification of tasks, descriptions and marked results of assignments.  You can choose to receive this email each day, or once a week.  If you have more than one child at the school, you will receive a separate summary for each pupil.

If you do not receive this summary, check that your child has given permission and check that the invitation email has not been sent to your spam folder.  Please contact the school (or gevans1@edubuzz.org) if you still do not have access to the guardian email summary.  We can also allow more than one guardian to receive this email.

For S1-3 students

PLHS – Home learning 2 – S1-3 Guidance for Students

Daily Learning Schedule Example

Blank Daily Learning Schedule

Editable version – Editable Blank Daily Learning Schedule

S1-3 Weekly Learning Schedule Example

Blank S1-3 Student Weekly Learning Schedule

Editable version – Editable Blank S1-3 Weekly Learning Schedule

For S4-6 students

PLHS – Home learning 2 – S4-6 Guidance for Students

Blank Daily Learning Schedule

Editable version  – Editable Blank Daily Learning Schedule

Blank S4-6 Student Weekly Learning Schedule

Editable version – Editable Blank S4-6 Weekly Learning Schedule


For staff

PLHS – Home learning – Staff Guidelines May 2020

PLHS – Home learning 2 – Staff Guidance Jan 2021

For everyone




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