Holland – Sliding & Caving & Swimming

Hi again from Holland

The weather is really hot.

Today we started at the Chairlift (up the mountain – well it counts as a mountain in Holland!!!). We then had about an hour of Rodelbahn-ing.

We then had some lunch and went on a train ride through the lime caves in Valkenburg. These have been around since Roman times but have more recently been used as a nuclear shelter for 15000 people in Valkenburg – when I say used I mean ready to be used but not actually used!!

It was then down to the swimming pool for some sunbathing and splashing around.

After dinner we went to the “Lasertag”- Mrs.Hoban was victorious, Mrs.Proudfoot was all talk!! Mr.Evans came last due to the red-green team confusion.

There is no blah blah blah in Belgium – tomorrow we invade “Bobbejaanland

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Holland – Screaming!!!!

Monday on the Holland trip.

Everyone was down for breakfast at 8am – well almost everyone – some needed a second wake up call.

The journey to Phantasialand took us just over an hour and driver Joe got us to the park for just after opening time.

The weather was scorching all day so hats, shades and sunscreen were very much in order. The park was pretty busy but the fun was immense.

Check out the video of team PL meet the Tolocan.

We stayed in the park until 5pm and then returned over the border to our hotel in Valkenburg.

After dinner we had a night in the hotel – bowling alley a knockout competion with six teams. The bowling is nine pin rather than ten pin and we played a team game.

No travelling tomorrow as all the activities are in Valkenburg.

Holland Calling

Hi everyone Holland Calling

On Saturday morning we set of from the school for the drive to Hull. We stopped a couple of times on the way, and arrived at the ferry in good time. Once we were settled into our cabins we had our buffet dinner which was fantastic!

In the evening there was a choice of Cinema, Football or cabaret. Our exceptionally talented staff won a mini cruise as first prize in the “Are you smarter than a 10 year old quiz”.

On Sunday morning we had to be up early for breakfast, and them on the road to Amsterdam.

We spend the a few hours here and went on a Canal boat tour, and then spent sometime looking at the shops. There was a big concert event taking place in Dam Square which we watched for a short time.

Then back to the bus and on to Valkenburg.

We arrived at our hotel about 6.00pm and once we had freshened up, we had our dinner. Hotel op de boud

The weather in Amsterdam was really warm but when we arrived in Valkenburg there was a thunder storm and really heavy rain – also hail stones the size of sugar cubes! This soon passed and we went for a walk into Valkenburg town to check out the cafes, shops and local sites.

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All are well!

Tomorrow (Monday) we head to Germany and Phantasialand

Chamonix – The Itinerary

Friday 20th Departure
Arrive at Preston Lodge at 10:40 to register : leave 11:00 hrs

Saturday 21st
Arrive after lunch, settle into hotel, explore the locality

Sunday 22nd Chamonix
Morning : Mer de Glace, visit ice caves,
Afternoon : Parc de Loisirs – the highlight is usually the luge (weather permitting).
Once you start on that it’s really downhill all the way.

Monday 23rd Our Cultural Day
Annecy : visit historic town of Annecy (shopping opportunity), sail on the lake

Tuesday 24th Our Swiss Day (That early start – there are two six o’clocks in a day – oh NOoooooo !!!)
Morning – the water park at Beauveret
Afternoon – the chocolate factory at Broc (yum, yum !)

Wednesday 25th Back to Chamonix
The Aiguilles du Midi (morning, lunch high in the mountains)
Chamonix town – an afternoon shopping opportunity, buy presents
All going well, a final session on the luge ……………

Thursday 26th Return Journey
Pack up, cruise up through France, catch a late evening ferry

Friday 27th Homecoming
Arrive Preston Lodge – probably around 10:00 hrs

The weather looks to be shaping up really well. If you want to see the 10-day forecast, paste the following link into your browser bar :

Chamonix – getting ready to go

Only Wednesday and Thursday left till we go. If you have not collected your luggage label and sheet with last-minute information please see Mr Whatcott as soon as possible.

Also, if you have not handed in your spending money yet – please do so as soon as possible.

We’ve been looking at the weather forecast for Chamonix over the Saturday and Sunday. It seems it is likely to be sunny with some cloud but temperatures could rise into the 20s.

Here’s hoping.

Preston Lodge High School goes global!