Accelerated Reader programme at Preston Lodge…

Accelerated Reader is a literacy programme being rolled out at Preston Lodge High School during the 2008-09 session. As the most widely used reading software in the world, it’s aim is to build a culture of reading throughout the school and make reading practice more effective for every student involved.

Based around modern technology, the programme sees pupils reading books pitched at their own reading level – and at their own pace. On completion of the book, the pupil sits a computer-based comprehension quiz that allows the software to analyse their understanding of the text they have read. The software generates a comprehensive report that allows staff to help the pupil decide what the next step for them may be in terms of progress through the reading scheme.

A pilot study was held in Preston Lodge during session 2007-08 involving a number of (then) S2 pupils. This cohort undertook 5 week blocks of Accelerated Reader and, by the end of the pilot, were shown to have made significant progress in their personal reading levels. The decision to roll the programme out to all new S1 pupils in 2008-09 was made and every first Year pupil in Preston Lodge this year will have blocks of Accelerated Reader timetabled into their curriculum.

In addition, the previous participants in the Pilot Study will be given the chance to continue their own progress now that they are in S3 and a new S2 cohort will also be given the opportunity to join our literacy programme.

The school hope that parents and carers will support this venture by encouraging their child’s participation in the programme and reading at home. You can download or read the  Accelerated Reader Parents’ Guide this will provide further insight into this programme and answer any questions parents and carers may have. The school Learning Support department can be contacted at any time should there be any further unanswered queries about Accelerated Reader.

The Accelerated Reader Programme at Preston Lodge has been devised and introduced by the Support for Learning department in conjunction with the English department and the school librarian. Please contact Mrs V Hoban ( in the Learning Support department for further details.

Parent Guide Book

School Trips Abroad – June 2009

Every year Preston Lodge has a number of foreign trip experiences for pupils. These trips usually happen in the last week of term before the summer holidays. In June 2008 we ran trips to Chamonix (France), Strasbourg (France) and Valkenburg (Netherlands).

In June 2009 we hope to offer trips to Chamonix, Rhineland and Valkenburg. Each of these trips offer a different experience for the young people but all are great fun!!

For more information on these trips, have a look at the Information Leaflet which gives a summary of each trip including costs and dates.

To see photos and videos from the trips in June 2008, click on the “Foreign Trip” category on

Thank you – 2000 Club

The Preston Lodge High School 2000 Club would like to thank its members for their support in the past year – raising a total of £3776 to support school events and activities

Last session, as well as sponsoring the 2008 Prize-Giving ceremony, the 2000 club has provided a number of items to improve and enhance the facilities of the school. These have included

  • New crockery for the Home Economics Dept, to use in Hospitality events.
  • Picture frames for the Art Dept and to display the fantastic work produced by students around the school
  • Three LCD Televisions which will be mounted on the walls in Pupil Social Areas.
  • Funds to allow the publication and printing of the PLus magazine
  • Information racks for the waiting area.
  • Funds to help with the maintenance of the garden.
  • New team strips for our Basketball teams

As you can see all of these make a direct difference to the environment within Preston Lodge and the experience of our young people.

The 2000 club currently has around 130 members – parents, staff and friends of the school. As the number of pupils in the school rises to over 1000 this year, just think of what increased membership of the 2000 club could achieve for our young people.

Joining is very easy and being a member is even easier !!

  1. You pay £2.00 per month for a number (you can buy as many numbers as you like)
  2. At the end of each month three numbers are drawn from a hat.
  3. These numbers win 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize.
  4. Every month half of the money raised (that month) is paid out as the three prizes.
  5. As more people join the prize money increases, currently the prizes are £80, £48 and £32
  6. You can join by completing the application form and returning it to the school office.
  7. It can all be done Standing Order,

If you want to support then download the application form here.

If you would like more info please contact Viv Donaldson at the school office:

On This Day… is taking a leaf out of Google’s book! We too will be changing our logo to suit various holidays and events throughout the year – an “On This Day in History”, event and seasonal approach.

So, to start us off, we have Monday 18th August – Helium was first discovered.

On this day in 1868 (140 years ago today), the French astronomer Pierre Janssen, whilst observing a solar eclipse in India, noticed an unknown bright yellow spectral line signature in the light from the sun. This yellow line had never been seen before, so Pierre’s conclusion was that he had discovered a new element – Helium. He was unfortunately ridiculed since no other element had ever been detected in space before being found on Earth – which makes his discovery even more impressive, and the first element to be found this way.

Quick Facts: Helium

– colourless, odourless, tasteless, non-toxic, inert monatomic chemical element that heads the noble gas series in the periodic table and whose atomic number is 2

– Helium is the second lightest element and is the second most abundant in the observable Universe. Most helium was formed during the Big Bang, but new helium is being created as a result of the nuclear fusion of hydrogen in stars

– Helium is named after the Greek word for the Sun – helios (?????)

For more “On This Day” for Monday 18th August from, click here.

Revised Pupil Timetables

The timetable being operated in August 2008 is slightly different from that used in June.

Download and print your new timetable from the list below. To do this you must know which year group and register class you are in.

S1 and S2 pupils will also need to know which Practical set they are in.

S5 and S6



S2 Group A  2Go1,2Gr1, 2Se1

S2 Group B  2Go2, 2Gr2

S2 Group C  2Se2, 2Se3

S1 Group A  1Go1, 1Gr1, 1Se1 (Except 1a4A)

S1 Group B   1Go2, 1Gr2, 1Se2  (Except 1a4B)

S1 Group C  1Go3, 1Gr3 (Except 1a4)

S1 Practical Set 1a4

Preston Lodge High School goes global!