East Lothian S4 Outdoor Challenge 2009

Some of our regular readers may recall that in the 2007 S6 Outdoor Challenge our two teams came 1st and 2nd in this annual competition involving all six of the East Lothian Secondary Schools. In the 2008 S6 Outdoor Challenge our team once again won their competition. Our S6 are undefeated in this event.

How could our S4 better this ??
Well on Friday 4th Sept our two S4 teams took part in the S4 Outdoor Challenge 2009 and managed to improve on the 1st and 2nd place standard of 2007 – by coming 1st equal – with each other!!

Well done to both of our teams for setting such a high standard.

PLHS Team 1

PLHS Team 2

Scott Robertson Sean Gaffney
Paul Dixon Jack Longmuir
Maia Aitken Mark Singer
Jenna Stevens Karen Munro
Rachel Connachan Jennifer Tait
Jack Ferguson Emma Cullen

The event comprised of a variety of physical and mental outdoor based challenges including orienteering, fire-starting, rope work skills etc…

Both the School and Outdoor Education staff and organisers were immensely impressed by the way both Preston Lodge teams worked together to score the highest number of points out of all the teams – in almost every task.

Consequently, in the end there was nothing to separate both teams and a joint first place was secured – by a long way for our school.

The competition was organised by East Lothian Outdoor Education staff and each secondary school sent two teams to the John Muir Country Park near Dunbar.

A great day out for the pupils (and staff!), and a high bench-mark set early for the year ahead.

Well done and congratulations to all of those involved.

Welcome from new Headteacher: Summer Newsletter

Gavin Clark, Headteacher, Preston Lodge High School

I would like to thank all the staff, students and the many parents I have already met for making my first week at Preston Lodge High School so enjoyable. I have had a wonderful time, and am really looking forward to the year ahead. Please do have a look at the August 2009 newsletter, where I give a little more detail about my views on education in general, my thoughts about Preston Lodge High School, and my vision for the school.

I look forward to meeting as many parents as possible at various school events over the coming weeks and months, but do get in touch right away if you would like to discuss any aspect of school life.


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Get Ahead Programme: Summer 2009: P7 to S1 Transition

Eighty-seven of our new S1 students took part in a one-day programme on Monday 10 August from 1000-1500 hours.

Students worked through a range of activities including teambuilding activities as well as cookery, craft and sport. The aim of the day is to ease the transition to High School and have fun!

Have a look on the video at our willing models who paraded up and down the catwalk in their teams creation!

Thank you to all the Staff and S6 students who made the day so successful.

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Paris 2009. The second (and final) installment.

The saga continues despite what seems like an eternity since we arrived back in Scotland.

It appears Wifi hasn’t arrived on the North Sea ferries leaving Zebrugge and internet access in the hotel was still “en panne” (out of order!)

Anyway, enough excuses….


What did we get up to on arrival in Rotterdam?

A long bus trip through the Netherlands lay ahead as we pushed for the border with Belgium.  Assisted by DJ Cruickshank and his CD of ‘cheezy choons’, the journey seemed a lot quicker.

A quick toilet stop near Antwerp – pupils piled out and descended on the cafe. Waffles, continental coffee, cheeses, all manner of continental food were ignored for a slice of the familiar – fresh pizza and coke!

Back on the coach and off again!

Spirits rose as the signposts above the motorway changed – less Dutch and more French and finally, our first sign to Paris just as an ultrafast TGV shot past (NOT on the motorway, on the line parallel to the motorway!!)

Most are flagging now after early breakfast and pizza and coke and Haribo and Pringles and Haribo and ….

Sleepy boys and girls catch up on some sleep after another quiz from DJ Cruickshank’s and mair cheezy choons

Next stop, Stade de France.

We achieve our ‘goal’ and ‘pitch’ up at the stadium for our tour a little late but happy to finally be in Paris

An impressive sight awaits as we get a behind the scenes tour of the changing rooms used by the French World Cup Winners, complete with the (empty!) baths. Only on the continent would you find hair dryers in the mens changing rooms!

Out on the pitchside, we give a stirring shout of “Freedom” which seems to echo forever around the stadium.

[rockyou 142188048]

Next stop, dinner at Flunch, but first Yorkie has to get us into Paris City centre. Driving in Paris is not for the faint hearted. Fortunately we were bigger and Yorkie held his own among the traffic.

Flunch beckons…

Great choice of food, (almost!) everyone happy with the choices. A few folk are adventurous and try a bit of steak but promptly seek out Mrs Fitzpatrick to return the meat “coz it’s bleeding”.

Notre Dame awaits.

Well fed and getting a little bit tired, we all walk down to Notre Dame Cathedral. The trinket sellers are out in force and the first of many souvenirs are purchased – six Eiffel tower key rings for 2 Euros! A bargain!

After a quick pose in the evening sunshine outside this imposing building we pick up the coach and head for the hotel.

A superb ending to a full day.


Up a little later than we intended for breakfast amid shouts of “What, nae fry up?”, we fill up with fresh bread, jam, butter and croissants and a welcome coffee and hot chocolate.

We head back into Paris through the morning traffic to the Montparnasse tower for some stunning views of Paris. Preston Lodge goes up in the world (56 floors in 36 seconds to be precise!)

We stop for a few pictures on top of the tallest building in Paris city and a coffee (luvvly!) as well as Mr Cruickshank’s mid-morning pastry.

Next stop L’arc de Triomphe and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier as well as a saunter down the Champs Elysees for a bite to eat.

[rockyou 142145171]


[rockyou 142188527]

The big one… PL descend on Euro Disney.

Minnie Mouse ears ahoy!!

I think the staff have just finished cleaning Space Mountain. Other passengers have been offered counselling after Mrs Fitzpatrick’s oubursts on the ride after the lads convinced her to accompany them. “C’mon Miss, it’s quite a gentle ride” How cruel!

A quick soaking with Mr Kiernan’s ‘Equaliser’ water pistol for those late back to the coach  and it’s back to the hotel.


Back on the coach for our journey to Zeebrugge via a chocolate factory and a quick stopover in Bruge to soak up the cafe culture in the town square. What ever did happen to the free chocolates we were given?

Thursday night

Ferry back to Hull.

Party over!

[rockyou 142145559]

Many thanks to the staff and for the pupils especially for making this such a memorable experience.

You are all awesome!

From Mrs Hunter, Mrs Nanson, Mrs Fitzpatrick, Mr Cruickshank and Mr Kiernan.

SQA Grade Boundaries 2009

Exam Results Certificates arrived on doorsteps across the country this morning, bringing the (good) news to thousands of students. Hopefully you all got the grades you were after, congratulations to all of you! The SQA have released the Grade Boundaries for each subject across all levels (viewable by clicking the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheets), as well as a few statistics on attainment etc.

Grade Boundaries 2009

Grade Boundaries 2009 (as percentages)

Component Marks – National Averages

Pre-Appeals Pass Rates & Course Awards

Pre-Appeals Pass Rates & Course Awards (Male candidates)

Pre-Appeals Pass Rates & Course Awards (Female candidates)

Statistics of 2009 @ SQA

Preston Lodge High School goes global!