Ideas for 2010 Sixties theme…

Whether it be inspiration gathered from footage or images of Mohammed Ali or the artwork of Andy Warhol (and the above nicely combines both) we are sure that the umbrella topic of the 1960s is going to provide staff and pupils with a wealth of ideas for the coming whole school project.

With the anniversary of the current Preston Lodge “campus” very much in the forefront of our minds, the decade in which it was built should provide no end of materials for budding local historians. However, the advances on so many fronts during this memorable decade are far wider ranging than simply that of the construction of the finest educational establishment in Scotland…

In Literature, some of the winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature included the very illustrious names Samuel Beckett, Jean-Paul Sartre and John Steinbeck. The book and film “Kes” (which currently is playing as a stage production in Edinburgh) was produced in 1968, “To Kill a Mockingbird” was published in 1960 and and in 1967, SE Hinton published “The Outsiders”.

In Science,  in 1961 the Soviets launched the first man in space and by the end of the decade, in 1969, Neil Armstrong had become the first man to walk on the Moon. Other life changing inventions included the contraceptive pill in 1960, the LED in 1962, LCD in 1964, Artificial Heart in 1965 and the LASER in 1960.

In Art there were a myriad of exciting influences for people to look to. In 1962, Andy Warhol famously exhibited his Campbell’s Soup Can image. Yves Klein and others brought about Nouveau Realism. Psychedelic Art reflected the social changes of the time and Photorealism evolved from Pop Art…and that’s just for starters!

History is rich in the 1960s with the Civil Rights Movement in America, the Cold War, Vietnam and the Cuban Crisis all high profile. Like a script from Forest Gump, the events of this decade are world renowned and include these (again only a taster)


· Adolf Eichmann on Trial for Role in Holocaust

· Bay of Pigs Invasion

· Peace Corps Founded

· Soviets Launch First Man in Space


· Cuban Missile Crisis

· First Person Killed Trying to Cross the Berlin Wall

· Marilyn Monroe Found Dead


· JFK Assassinated

· Martin Luther King Jr. Makes His “I Have a Dream” Speech


· Cassius Clay (a.k.a. Muhammad Ali) Becomes World Heavyweight Champion

· Civil Rights Act Passes in U.S.

· Nelson Mandela Sentenced to Life in Prison

· Warren Report on JFK’s Assassination Issued


· Japan‘s Bullet Train Opens

· Los Angeles Riots

· Malcolm X Assassinated

· New York City Great Blackout


· Black Panther Party Established

· Mao Zedong Launches the Cultural Revolution

· Mass Draft Protests in U.S.


· Che Guevara Killed

· Six-Day War in the Middle East


· Martin Luther King Jr. Assassinated

· Prague Spring

· Robert F. Kennedy Assassinated


· ARPANET, the Precursor of the Internet, Created

· Yasser Arafat Becomes Leader of the PLO

Music in the 60s dominated youth culture. The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Elvis, The Who, Mods and Rockers, psychadelic hippy music, soul, mowtown and popular music (pop) all were evident. Musicians were the heroes and icons that replaced the movie stars of bygone generations…

There are so many aspects of life in the 1960s that span across our curriculum and match up to things that we are already studying or interested in. If you are looking for inspiration please feel free to contact the Expressive Arts Committee. However, we are certain that you will all have fantastic ideas of your own that come under this broad umbrella theme.

Good luck!

Whole school project 2010…

In the school session 2009-10 the whole school project will be based on the 1960s. Indeed we are simply going to call it “The Sixties”.

All departments will be involved in developing their own curricular input to this project and the Expressive Arts Committee are already working away on providing you with some suggestions in the form of a soon-to-be-published mind map. However, we are sure each department will be delighted to take ownership of their own ideas and plans.

Watch this space for a Whole School Project dedicated page on the website and details of dates, as well as ideas, from the Expressive Arts Committee.

Thanking you, love and peace man…

PL 2000 Club – October 2009 Winners

1st Prize – Mr and Mrs G Ross

2nd Prize – Dr D Bremner

3rd Prize – Mr and Mrs Wyllie

Thank you for your continued support.

If you would like to join the 2000 Club just ask at the School Office for a form or download a copy here.

The profit from the 2000 club is invested directly in resources, activities and equipment to benefit all the young people of Preston Lodge.

Equador 2011 Information Slideshow

If you were unable to attend the recent Parents Information Evening about the proposed expedition to Equador in 2011, you might be interested in this slideshow presentation with some useful and important information about how the expedition is planned, organised and operated.

[slideshare id 2223504&doc=plhsecuador2011parentsinfoevening-091014144421-phpapp02]

PL Log Blog: In the beginning…..

This session, Preston Lodge High School is very proud to celebrate its 85th birthday as a school and the 40th birthday of the new building at Park View.  We aim to mark these events in many different ways throughout the session.  One way is to look back to the first log book from 1924.  It’s a fascinating insight into what education was like back then.  We are very lucky to have the log book.  It is locally rumoured that Mr J Sykes M A, headmaster from 1957 to 1970, crawled into the original building while it was still on fire, risking his life and wooden leg, to retrieve the log book.  And here are some of its entries.  See if you can spot an ancestor or two and see how things have changed.  And thank you Mr Sykes.  We are indebted to you.

The first rector was Dr J S W Boyle, M A, B Sc 1924-1928

26th September 1924

Preston Lodge School was opened at 10am on Tuesday 23rd September by Dr D R Macdonald, Dunbar, Chairman of East Lothian Education Authority; Dr J Logan Ayre, Prestonpans, and Mr R D Robertson, Executive Officer were also present.   As the new buildings are not yet completed, the school began work in the U F Church, and Parish Church Halls, Prestonpans, together with a hut which had been erected in the playing-field East of the Parish Church Hall.  The following teachers were present at the opening:  John S W Boyle M A B Sc Ph D – Rector; Peter Gray M A – Principal English Master; R G Leishman M A B Sc – Principal Science Master; Miss J Smith M A – Modern Language Mistress; Wm Reid M A – Classical Master and Assistant in English; Miss M A Mitchell M A B Sc – Assistant in Mathematics and Science (Temporary Teacher appointed owing to inability of Miss Porteous to report for duty before 6th October.  The number of pupils enrolled to date is 151.

Number of pupils on roll to date is 188.

27th September 1924

At a meeting of staff held today, it was decided that teachers would wear academic gowns.

1st October 1924

The regular time-table was put into operation on Monday except for handwork and music, English or Mathematics being substituted.  As regards written home work, the rule is now laid down that in English and Mathematics, exercises are to be given for handing in on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, in other subjects on Tuesday and Thursday.

2nd October 1924

Mr Stewart H M I called this afternoon to discuss the question of ‘Preliminary Training’ for pupils intending to enter the teaching profession.  It was decided that it would be advisable not to make Preston Lodge a centre for this Preliminary Training until next session.

3rd October 1924

Mr Trewin H M Inspector called at the school to see the laboratory accommodation and the proposed Science Time-table.

6th October 1924

Miss Annie Porteous M A B Sc joined the staff today as Assistant Teacher of Mathematics and Science.

13th October 1924

The number of pupils on the register of the school is now 159.  Six pupils have this week transferred to Class I Secondary.  This will necessitate the splitting of Class I Secondary into two classes.

17th October 1924

Wood-work benches were received last night; from today the Primary School science laboratory will be available for Preston Lodge School on Friday 9am – 3.45pm.

21st October 1924

Dr Jamieson, Chief Inspector of Schools called this morning with his assistant, Mr Thomson.  They were greatly surprised at the size of the school, and insisted that no time should be lost in splitting Class I Secondary into two classes.  The purpose of Dr Jamieson’s visit was to see the school as a request had reached him for recognition as a Secondary School.

22nd October 1924

Miss Crawford H M I visited the school today to enquire about the instruction in needlework, cookery se.   She expressed the hope that it would be found possible to continue sewing throughout the first three years of the secondary course.

27th October 1924

Miss Dorothy Forsyth M A joined the staff today as an interim assistant in English and French, as Miss Elizabeth Guild M A who has been appointed assistant in English and French will be unable to come here for several weeks.

Attendance last week 95%

Mr A Prentice is appointed Art and Woodwork teacher at £160 per annum duties commencing from today.

31st October 1924

The new time-tables, rendered necessary by the splitting of Class I Secondary into two sections IA and IB, came into operation yesterday.

3rd November 1924

A bus service to convey pupils to Preston Lodge from Winton, Pencaitland and Ormiston began today.

7th November 1924

Twenty new pupils have enrolled at the school during the past week.  The number of pupils on the admission register is now 179.  Attention of teachers had to be drawn to the fact that sufficient care was not being exercised in the transferrring entries from First Instance Records to Registers of Daily Attendance.

11th November 1924

All pupils and members of staff attended a Memorial Service at the War Memorial at 11am today.  Rev Dr J Logan Ayre, Parish Minister, Prestonpans gave a short address “In grateful rememberance from Preston Lodge School.”   All Boy Scouts and Girl Guides attended in uniform.  A collection taken from the school on behalf of Earl Haig’s Fund realised £1:9:6 1/2.

13th November 1924

As there are now 34 pupils travelling daily from Ormiston and Pentcaitland district, the contractor is running two buses one from Ormiston and the other from Winton and Pencaitland.

19th November 1924

John W Johnston, 214 Sunnybank, Prestonpans took over the duties of Janitor from today.

More from the PL Log book in another post soon.

S5 Outdoor Challenge 2009: Preston Lodge win again!!

Preston Lodge High School continues winning streak!!

In recent months, Preston Lodge High School has excelled in the ELC Outdoor Challenges organised for each year group by East Lothian Council’s Outdoor Education Department.

Last session Preston Lodge retained the S6 Challenge, followed by success in the S2 Orienteering Challenge.  A few weeks ago we entered two teams into the S4 Outdoor Challenge, which was held at John Muir Country Park.  The Preston Lodge teams proved too much for the other secondary school teams and took joint first places.

On Friday 25th Sept the S5 Outdoor Challenge 2009 was held around North Berwick Law,  two Preston Lodge teams of S5 students secured first and third place in a very closely fought competition.

In these challenges, the competing teams are faced with a variety of  physical and mental challenges such as an orienteering, tight rope course construction, fire-lighting problems, rock climbing etc.

The photograph shows the S5 winning team, with proud Preston Lodge staff Gordon Kidd and Brian Frost who assist in running these events.  The winning students (from left to right) are; Andrew O’Brian, Neil Moyes, Kier Stewart, Stephen Huish, Lindsay McNeil and Samantha Naylor.

S5 Outdoor Challenge 2009 - Winners
East Lothian S5 Outdoor Challenge 2009 - Winners Preston Lodge

Chemistry teachers, Kidd and Frost, both former Preston Lodge High School pupils, said, “These events are thoroughly enjoyed by all who take part.  We see the students from all schools working very closely together in their respective teams and the confidence that is instilled in them by these events is wonderful.”

The next Outdoor Challenge is on Friday 9th October, and it will be the turn of the S3 pupils from across the county to do battle.

Can Preston Lodge maintain their impressive run and make it 5 in a row?

Preston Lodge High School goes global!