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31 thoughts on “Welcome to Prestonpans Infant and Nursery School website”

  1. Primary 3 Farewell Concert
    Thursday 26 June 2008
    Well done P3! Your concert was amazing. Your singing, playing of musical instruments and readings were excellent. You all tried so very hard and really looked as if you were enjoying yourselves. Your audience loved every minute of it and were all really sad when you sang “Moving On”. Thanks to your teachers for all their hard work in organising such a great event. We are so proud of you and will really miss you all. Good luck at Prestonpans Primary!
    Mrs MacLeod

  2. My mum and I have looked at the blog and we watched my mum playing her pipes. Mum and I enjoyed looking at all the other interesting things on the website.


  3. I first attended prestonpans primary in 1935. the headmaster was Mr young. ( affectionately nicknamed Baldy Young) My first teacher was Miss Ayre. Her father was the minister of Preston Church in Kirk street. I remember having picnics in the manse grounds in West Loan.After being in Miss Boyd’s class(Qualifying class ) I went to Preston Lodge secondary school on the High Road. ( It has since burnt down) I wonder if any of my early days school friends are still with us.Here are a few that I remember. Robert Moodie, Barbara Russell Jane Mcneill, Robert Anderson, Norman Graham, I Know that Ian Muir is in Canada now as I seen his contribution to the guest book.

  4. we have a new haed thecher how is called mrs malowed she
    is nice and kind and very nice. and this moth we are leraning
    to be kind to others

  5. i have now been giveing green amber and red cards and i have been geting green ones

    hope you have been good and tell pepole you have done something and i will be happy

  6. at our school we keep hands feet and objets to your self one
    time a boy got kick on the head and mrs macleod came to all the primray 1 2 3 and all the pepol in school waret happy

  7. I really like your world maths day reports, you did so many different activities it looked great fun!

  8. Hi cara, hope you are being good at school and getting lots of green cards x x x

  9. Greetings in the name of precious savior.
    Its my pleasure to write to you that means that we are now friends.
    Thank you for the great work you do for the glory of God..
    Am patricia mugisha from uganda and a born again christian.
    Voluteering as a sunday school teacher in my local church.
    I have compassion for young children which even led me to open up a kindergatern school in our community.
    Our aim is to build the God fearing generation through these young ones.
    But we found that many parents not have the ability to meet their children’s needs and there are many orphans due to Aid and some time accidents.
    Two of our children their parents dead of motor accident when they were 6 month old and they are twins.
    We had to come in.
    We have around 100 children we are looking after.
    Am looking forward for the positive reply in terms of material and in any way God will lead.
    I can send you every thing in case of any thing.

    May God bless you.

    Yours in christ.
    Patricia Mugisha.
    Director-God’s Glory academy.

  10. i think that is very nice of you doing that i uasd to go to prestonpans school but i am now at windy goul school

  11. Still waiting to hear from any school friends from 1935 to 1942
    Teachers then were Miss Boyd(qualifing class) Miss Welsh, Miss Craig Miss Main, Miss Durham, Mr Young,(Gumsy).Headmaster was Mr. Roberts.

  12. Neither wonder the kids are hurt all time walking in and out of schl with the mess all over the place – its totally pathetic – what do the school cleaning people do ANYTHING at all – definately nothing outside thats for sure!!

  13. i hate this website but i only like the class blog for p3/11 and tthe playground is nicer now that the train is there i was at that school 2 yrs ago and i havnt missed it 1 bit and my favourite teacher when i was at that school was mrs carr.She was the best


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