Prestonpans Infant and Prestonpans Primary Schools – Scottish Government decision

To Parents/Carers of pupils at Prestonpans Infant School and Prestonpans Primary School
On 11 December 2018, East Lothian Council approved the proposal to close Prestonpans Infant School and Prestonpans Primary School and to establish a new school in the town. As stated within the Council’s proposal the decision to close both schools and establish a new school required to be ratified by Scottish Ministers. I can now confirm that Scottish Ministers have determined that they will not be calling in this proposal and that the Education Service can proceed with closing both schools and establishing a new school. The education service will work closely with both Head Teachers and the Chairs of both Parent Councils to recruit a Head Teacher for the newly established school. Education Officers will also work closely with staff, parents and pupils in both schools to progress the establishment of a new primary school and will also work closely with the community given the differing views expressed during the consultation process.

Fiona Robertson,
Head of Education.

Book Fairies

The children in P1A have found loads of Book Fairy books around Prestonpans. They have had great fun reading them and then hiding them for others to find them.

Wee Pans Book Fairies

The Book Fairies have come to Prestonpans!

At Prestonpans Infant School we LOVE to read books and share the books we have read. We also LOVE surprises. Book fairies have hidden books for children around the community, both indoors and outdoors.

Books are in special bags that contain a bookmark and some magical fairy dust. When you discover a book, take the bag home, read the book and then hide again for the next person. KEEP THE MAGIC OF BOOKS ALIVE!

Join in with our learning at Prestonpans Infant School