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Planting Seeds

As part of our class topic on Framing we planted some seeds. We have also started an experiment to see if the seed can grow in different things. We filled six test tubes for our experiment:
1) red lentils and water
2) green glitter and water
3) tissue paper and water
4) cotton wool and water
5) water
6) soil and water

We are watching to see which of these will grow.

Dairy Farming

We have been learning about Dairy Farming. We learned about the machines that are used to milk the cows today but we also learned how they used to milk the cows a long time ago. We pretended that rubber gloves were the cows udders and we had a go at milking the cows. It was really good fun.

P1A Veg Invasion

We had a visit from Angie who brought lots of lovely veggies for us to try. We learned about vegetables that grow underground and above ground. We tasted lots of vegetables and we even had a wee taste of red chillies in the chilli challenge!