Newhailes Forest Adventure

On Thursday, P4M took a bus to Newhailes where they met Miss Lendrum’s P3/4 class from Campie Primary School.

Michelle Sheapard, the Newhailes ranger, told us a bit about the history of Newhailes, and the types of creatures we might see, and, how to stay safe.  Then, the children assembled into two groups –  Squirrels and Hedgehogs – and paired up with a forest friend from the other school.

The groups took turns to go on a Welly Waddle following the woodland walk to the Shell Grotto and collecting “something fluffy”, “something sharp”, “something beautiful” etc.

While the Squirrels were collecting feathers, holly leaves and acorns for their Welly Waddle, the Hedgehogs took part in a Forest Adventure and created a spectacular Woodland Art Gallery.

The children really enjoyed trying out the hammock, identifying leaves and building dens.

There were some beautiful creations made from twigs, leaves and other forest treasures.

We had a lovely day with our new friends!

(You can download the activity sheets we used, and lots of others, from the Nature Detectives website:

autumn leaf ID sheet  download

this nature resource for kids is a pdf documentstick on and identify the leaves you collectdownload this resource from the nature detectives wildlife websiteclick to download

October Newsletter

Shown above is the wonderful John Bellany style artwork which was carried out last session by our current Primary 6 classes.  Click on the picture, or the link below, to open a pdf copy of the October newsletter.

October Newsletter

(You can always view current and previous newsletters by selecting ‘Newsletters’ on the ‘About our school’ menu at the top of the page.)

Primary School Autumn/Winter Menu October 2013 – April 2014

The new 3-week autumn/winter menu will start in all primary schools on Monday 28 October 2013. The menu consists of a choice of 2 hot main meal options (includes a vegetarian choice), a filled baked potato option and a choice of soup or dessert. Free bread, salad and a cold drink is available with every meal. This menu is available Monday–Thursday with a packed lunch option available on Friday. The new spring/summer menu starts on Tuesday 22 April 2014 following the Easter break.

The health and well being of children is always at the heart of everything we do. The new menu meets all of the Scottish Government’s nutritional standards and has again achieved the Soil Association’s bronze Food for Life Catering Mark. This recognises that we serve farm assured meat and poultry, fish from sustainable sources, free range eggs and locally grown vegetables when available. The majority of the dishes we serve are prepared from fresh ingredients which have all been been checked to make sure that they do not contain undesirable additives, hydrogenated fats or genetically modified products.

We hope that your children enjoy the new menu and that ongoing positive changes like the Food for Life Award will encourage more children to choose school meals. There are huge benefits in children eating a nutritious 2-course meal at lunchtime. Research shows that if children eat a nutritious midday meal at school, their concentration and behaviour improves, they gain important social skills and they are more likely to eat their recommended ‘5 a-day’ fruit and vegetables.

East Lothian Council also aims to make school meals as accessible as possible, so the price of a primary school meal will remain at £1.90.

Both East Lothian Council’s Education Services and Facilities Management Services see communication with pupils, Head Teachers and parents/guardians as essential to the success of any improvements we make to school catering. We communicate through school newsletters, school websites and East Lothian Council’s website. Please contact us if you have any feedback, queries or require more information.

Yours faithfully

Facilities Management Services

T 01620 827811

Prestonpans Primary School Newsletter, August 2013

Dear Parents and Carers,

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to all of our families, and in particular, to our new parents/carers and pupils in Primary 4 and throughout the other stages of the school. We hope that you and your children have enjoyed a lovely, relaxing and very warm summer and are looking forward to the session ahead.

I am delighted to inform you that Mrs Lorraine Sevestre, our Principal Teacher for Support for Learning will be Acting Depute Head Teacher over the next few months. I have known and had the pleasure of working alongside Mrs Sevestre for nearly 10 years, here at Prestonpans Primary and in a previous school in Musselburgh. We are both looking forward to the new school session and building on the excellent work which has taken place over the last few years.


This week we have welcomed to our school, Mrs Danielle MacLeod who will be working in Primary 6, Miss Hannah Moss in Primary 4 and Mrs Kayla Smith who will be working with pupils in the upper years to provide additional support. We hope that they will all be very happy at Prestonpans Primary.

A full staffing list is available on the website

School Hours

8.55am – 3.30pm (Friday 12.35pm)

Break: 10.40am-11.00am

Lunch: 12.30pm – 1.20pm

School Lunches

School lunches cost £1.90 per day. Money is collected on a daily basis first thing in the morning.  For organisational purposes, please send the correct money in a sealed envelope, with your child’s name and class clearly marked on the front. If you wish, you can pay weekly on a Monday.

1 day – £1.90    2 days – £3.80    3 days – £5.70    4 days – £7.60

This term, P4 and P5 are first sitting (12.30-12.45) and then go out to play until 1.20pm and P6 and P7, second sitting (12.45-1.00pm). This means that at 12.30pm, P6 and P7 go out to play for 15 minutes and then have lunch at 12.45pm. This system will operate until the October break and will then be swapped over.

If you wish your child to leave school at lunchtime for any reason, they must have written permission on a daily basis. This is essential for Fire Procedures to ensure that we can account for all children at all times. The child’s safety becomes the responsibility of the parents/carers for the entire lunch break when they are out of school.

Wet Weather

Unfortunately, there is not adequate cover in the playground for the children to take shelter during wet weather and so we would request that you should not send your child to school until as near the bell as possible in the mornings. However, we are aware that this may not always be possible and the school will therefore be open to children at 8.45am when the weather is particularly wet and heavy. Children should come into school by the main reception, make their way to the school dining hall and sit quietly until their teacher comes to collect them at 8.55am.

Unless the weather is very wet, all pupils will still be expected to play outside during breaks. A waterproof jacket should therefore be brought to school each day.

Playing football during break times is very popular with the children and as so many enjoy participating in matches, I have decided to move all games to the ‘big field’ to the left of the main reception. It is early days yet, but this change has been very popular with the children as they feel that there is more room to play their matches and develop their skills. The support staff who are outside during breaks have reported a much calmer atmosphere in the rest of the playground.



Mrs Jane Timms and Mrs Fay Zajma work incredibly hard in our school office and to save time making numerous phone calls home, I am sure that they would very much appreciate a quick phone call from you, to inform them that your child is going to be absent or late. Where possible, please make this phone call before 9.30am. We need to know that your child is safe, and so any absence which is unexplained after 10.15 am, and where a parent/emergency contact cannot be reached, we automatically notify the Attendance Officer to investigate.

Health Tuck Shop

The school operates a healthy tuck shop at break times. Options include:

Juice – 30p    Cheese/Oatcakes – 30p     Fruit – 20p  Oatcakes – 5p each

As we have a number of pupils in school with nut allergies, snacks or foods containing nuts, are not allowed in school.

Update Forms, Medical Forms and Annual PC1 Forms

The yearly update, medical and annual PC1 forms are enclosed.  Annual PC1 forms are used throughout the session for all outings within the community.  You will still be notified of trips but will not need to complete a PC1 form each time.  However it is important that you notify us by letter of any changes to medical conditions and contact telephone numbers.  A PC1 form will still need to be completed for all trips outwith the community that require transport, for example the Pantomime trip.

These forms should be completed and returned to school before Friday 6th September. Where possible, please include your email address. It is very important that the school is kept up to date with your mobile phone for the school texting system.

40th Anniversary Celebrations

This year the school will be celebrating its 40th anniversary having first opened in 1973. We will be holding a special assembly for the children and invited guests on the morning of Wednesday 11th September. Over the next two weeks, each year group will be working hard to create a special exhibition and we would therefore, like to invite all of our families and friends in the Prestonpans Community, to come along to view the exhibition on the afternoon of Wednesday 11th September, any time between 2.00pm and 4.30pm or on Thursday 12th September between 9.30am-10.30am, 11.15am-12.15pm or 2.00pm – 4.30pm.

If anyone has any photographs or memorabilia, which they would be willing for us to display in the exhibition, please send them to your class teacher with your name and contact details so that they can be returned to you safely.

Mrs Parkin will be organising a special 40th Anniversary Picnic for parents/carers and pupils immediately following our annual Sports Day on Thursday 5th June 2014. More details to follow nearer the time.

Parent Council

The first meeting of the new session will be held from 6.30pm until 7.30pm – we will inform you of the date as soon as it has been confirmed. This is an ideal opportunity for you to meet other parents/carers, hear about the life of the school and share your views and ideas on how to continue to move the school forward. All parents/carers are welcome to attend and meetings are all held in the school staffroom.

Accelerated Reading

We will be continuing to use the computerised reading assessment system called Accelerated Reading. We have had so much success over the last year that we have gained Championship status. This success is due to the hard work and effort given by yourself, the staff and most importantly our pupils.  Your child’s reading ability and confidence will certainly continue to improve if you could find a spare 15 minutes each night to hear your child reading and to ask questions related to the text which will challenge their recall and understanding. Please remember that you can also get access by your home computer to the parents’ site which details the books your child has read and how well they have managed on the comprehension quizzes. Your child’s password and the email address will be sent out next week.

Instructions to access Accelerated Reading

1.  Go onto Google

2.  Click on Accelerated Reader Prestonpans Primary

3.  Click on Prestonpans Primary Edubuzz

4.  Click on link below the apple

5.  Log in

You can hear more or be reminded about the AR programme from your child’s teacher during our Curriculum Evening on Thursday 26th September from 6.30pm – 8.00pm.

School Uniform


It has been a pleasure to see so many of our pupils wearing the correct school uniform since the beginning of term. This support from you really helps the school to build a sense of belonging and for your child to feel included.  We expect your child to wear school uniform every day unless you have been otherwise informed, e.g. dress down days to help raise money for charities.  We do not permit the wearing of any fashion clothing or football colours and in the interest of safety, particularly during PE, the wearing of jewellery is restricted to stud earrings and watches only. House points will be issued for those who wear correct uniform on a regular basis.

Video School Activities

The following advice from the Head of Education, in our opinion, seems to be a sensible approach:

”East Lothian Council recognises the importance of school occasions to children and their families.  We also recognise that families will often want to share these occasions with others and that they will want to capture the events to enjoy as the children grow up.  Because of this, it is our policy to allow photographs, videos and other forms of recording at school occasions as long as these do not disrupt the occasion in any way.  If any parent has objections to their child being filmed or photographed they should inform the school of this so that we can avoid that happening. “Parents should inform the office in writing if they do not wish their child’s photograph to be used in displays or on the website etc.


Dates for your Diary

Monday 2nd September

P5H and P5RD Basketball Taster Sessions – Full PE Kit required

P4P Trip to Hirsel, Coldstream – Parent/Carer Helpers would be very much appreciated to accompany pupils on this trip

Monday 9th September

P4M Trip to Hirsel, Coldstream – Parent/Carer Helpers would be very much appreciated to accompany pupils on this trip

Tuesday 10th September

P5H and PRD Basketball Festival – Meadowmill

Parent/Carer Helpers would be very much appreciated to accompany pupils to Meadowmill

Wednesday 10th September

40th Celebration Assembly (am)

40th Celebration Exhibition  Open Afternoon (2pm-4.30pm)

Thursday 11th


40th Celebration Assembly Exhibition Open Day

(9.30am – 10.30) and (11.15am-12.15pm) and (2.00pm – 4.30pm)

Friday 12th September


Monday 16th September


Thursday 26th September

Curriculum Evening – 6.30pm – 8.00pm

(Parents/Carers only)

P4S Trip to Hirsel, Coldstream – Parent/Carer Helpers would be very much appreciated to accompany pupils on this trip

Monday 30th September

P5H Golf Taster Session in school – Full PE Kit required

Tuesday 1st October

P5RD Golf Taster Session in school – Full PE Kit required

Wednesday 23rd October

P4 Harvest Assembly – all P4 parents/carers are welcome



A personal letter from your class teacher will also be sent out this week which will provide you with further information. You can also access our school booklet on the school website.

We are very fortunate to have a very happy and dedicated staff who have your child’s best interests at heart, so please feel that you can contact us at the earliest opportunity should you have any concerns or general queries regarding your child.

Kind regards,

Janet Scott

Acting Head Teacher

Go Mad with Dad! Saturday 31st August

We hope all our dads, stepdads, uncles, granddads, papas and other male carers will take their children along to the grounds of Prestonpans Infant School for an amazing range of FREE activities, a FREE prize draw with incredible prizes and a FREE bacon roll for lunch on Saturday 31 August 2013 from 10am – 1pm.

The event is open to all DADS and MALE CARERS in Longniddry, Port Seton, Cockenzie and Prestonpans.

Some people have been asking, “Can mums come?” The answer is actually no. This event is to give dads and kids a chance to be together. There are so many groups for mums and toddlers, mums and kids but so little for dads and male carers. This event is to find out if dads and male carers enjoy the opportunities and to ask if they would like more events like this in our communities in the future.

Prestonpans Infant School have been working with Dadswork on this event.  They are a very creative, resourceful group and are working so hard to make the day amazing.

We look forward to seeing you there.

It’s not too late to protect your child against Measles, Mumps and Rubella

NHS Lothian is running a catch-up campaign for young people aged 10 to 17 years who have not received two doses of MMR vaccine.

Some young people missed out on the MMR vaccination when they were younger.  Two doses of the vaccine are required to ensure protection.

Information has been sent to parents and guardians of children who are 10 to 17 years old whose health records show they may not have completed the full course of MMR vaccination. NHS Lothian is encouraging parents and guardians of these children to contact their General Practice to arrange MMR vaccination for their child.

To find out more, visit or contact your GP.


Lothian Colts FC

Dear Sir/Madam,

 I am hoping to advertise for players born 2003 & 2001 for our New youth football club which is based at Meadowmill sports centre.  I have attached the Flyers for both age groups and a Poster.

The Aim of the club is to get local youngsters involved in sport at grass roots level, promoting Healthy lifestyle and getting them active.

 Yours In Sport

 John McAlpine
Lothian Colts Fc

John has 3 files to share with you on SkyDrive. To view them, click the links below.

Lothian Colts are looking for Players Born.docx
Player leaflet 2001.xlsx
Player leaflet 2003.xlsx

June Newsletter

Click on the following link to open a copy of the June newsletter – June 2013 (pdf)

You can find a copy of all the school monthly newsletters by clicking on the ‘Newsletter‘ option under the ‘Parent/Pupil information’ tab at the top of the page.



Pupils at Prestonpans Primary School took on a week long Read-a-thon to raise money to buy books for their school library.

Pupils were challenged to read as much as they could throughout the week.  Pupils raised over £2400 in sponsor money.  Every pupil who raised more than £10 will be able to choose a book of their choice for the school library.  The class with the highest engaged minutes tracked on the AR system were rewarded with a pizza party:  It went down a treat.