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  1. I really miss this school because it was the best school I have ever been to. Know I am at high school in 5th year u wonder if I could come back to this school and work there. Please get back to be if I can work at this school I really like it if I did. ?

  2. Hi my name is bobby and i went to this school. and it was a really good school.

    my little brother goes to this school now and he said that he really enjoys it he is primary four and he loves it. He also said to me that he has a crush on someone in this school and he said that she is the most cutest person he has ever met. ok thats all i want to say and thatnk you for reading my little note. xxx love you always prestonpans primary school. xxxxxx 🙂

  3. Hi, my name is jenna and my little brother can how last week saying that you were going to watch a concert by the vamps, and well i was wondering if that was true because i really love the vamps and if you were going to see them i would want to ask if i could come and help out. But if it is all a big lie you would make me really upset. so if you ever see the vamps please get incontact with me and i would come along and help out and maybe get close to brad simpom, sorry but i love him so much. so please get incontact with me and i would come and help with the vamps concert thanks for listining. 🙂

  4. Hi thank you for teaching me and my brother many years ago and i love you school. bye bye 🙂

  5. I loved this school because it made me happy and this school really chanhed my life forever. Now i’m a a free person because i have just left the high school. I only have one more exan lest to do. And i have never been happy. I would have not gone into the fashion studie if i never came to this school. So thank you for teaching me lots of different things and thank you for being the best school i jave ever been to. Even my little brother is sahing that this school is the best school he nas ever been to. So is you have the chance please try and keep this scnool open as long as you can and make prestonpans have the best primary school ever. Thank you again and i might see you soon because i might pop in to see how much the school has changed from the inside because i go past everyday and the outside has changed alot. Sorry to say this again but i have too say it again thank you for being the best school ever made. :):):)

  6. Hello pps i went to this school i think 2 years ago and i thought it was the best school i have ever been to but now im at preston lodge everything has changed for me. Now i can think about the future. 🙂

  7. I have never been to this school before but i looks like its a school to be going to. It really looks like a really good school to work at and to be at. My little brother went to this school 4 years ago and he said he really liked it. I recomened this school because it is a good environment to be working at and its a good place to sent you child after going to infant school. Hope you go to this school because its the best school my brother has ever been to so thank you for being the best school my brothrt has ever had because he never likes going to school and this school has changed his life forever so thank you again for everything you have done to teach my little brother. Xxxx

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