Home Learning

Purpose of Home learning

  • help parents/carers to be involved with their children’s learning
  • give opportunities for parents/carers to share and enjoy learning experiences with their children
  • give children the opportunity to practise skills which have been taught at school
  • extend and consolidate work done in the classroom
  • help prepare children for the future by being responsible and organised
  • train pupils in planning and organising their time
  • develop good habits and self-discipline

 Home Learning Activities

Reading is a skill and, as with every skill, it requires practice. Therefore, it is expected that every child in school should be reading their AR book for 20 minutes every night. The approximate length of time spent on other Home Learning activities per night should be 20 minutes for children in P4 and P5, and 30 minutes for pupils P6 and P7. These times may vary a little depending on the tasks set. Tasks will generally be set on a Monday and should be returned by Thursday, enabling you to ensure that Home Learning can be planned to fit in with life at home.

Possible Home Learning Tasks

  • spelling
  • maths related activities
  • researching topics, e.g. Fairtrade, WWII, Farming, Italy
  • technology: making models…

Home Learning should be related to class work and should be set at a level appropriate to your child’s ability. There may be times when your child is unable to complete an activity because they are finding it too difficult or it is taking too long to complete. Rather than having children struggling at home in these circumstances, we would encourage you to stop your child from completing the work and send in a note to the class teacher explaining the situation.

If homework is causing you and/or your child stress or anxiety, please contact us immediately and we will arrange an appointment to discuss this with you.

For more advice on how best to support your child a useful site is Parentzone



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