Mothers Day Treat !

Tomorrow (Monday 3rd March)the Pupil Council are hosting a Mothers Day event  from 2.30-3.30pm in the school hall. Over 50 Mums have replied to their invitation to tea,coffee and live entertainment ! Mrs Hunter has contacted the Courier so we hope someone will come and take a photo!Look out for our own photos on the website after the event.

Where in the world will our visitors be?

Our new web site will let us see where our visitors live. 

Over in the right sidebar you’ll see a map of the world labelled “Visitor locations”. It’s provided by ClustrMaps, who keep track of where web site visitors are located.

Every time someone visits this site, a new red dot will appear on the map showing where they are. The more visitors there are from a given location, the bigger the red dots become. Over time, we expect this to give us a good idea of how many countries are reading about what we’re doing. Of course, we might need to get the maps out to find out which countries they are!

Which countries do you think will start to appear first?

Making a start on the web site

Today we decided to make a start on creating a new web site for the school – and you’re reading the first entry on our new site.

The site will feature:

  • day-to-day news of what’s happening in school
  • diary dates
  • information to help parents get involved
  • useful links to other web sites

There will be plenty of opportunities to leave comments, so we look forward to hearing from you 😉