Busy Bees

We had a fantastic experience today discovering the bees which belong to Mrs McCormack at the High School.  We had to make ourselves safe so we got into this massive suit.  We felt really hungry when we saw the lovely honey.  

     Some of us were searching for minibeasts in the hedge.

P4 Outdoor Maths

It was a beautiful spring morning so we took the learning outside.  We drew our own maps, plotted features and then worked out co-ordinates for someone elses map.  We self evaluated and most gave 5/5 for confidence in working with co-ordinates.DSCN0058[1]DSCN0057[1]DSCN0059[1]

Law Primary Anti-Bullying Week

Primary 3 and 4 have been working hard on making an anti-bullying video. Each class has come up with their idea of how we can tackle bullying in school and I’m sure you’ll agree that they have produced some fantastic results!

We hope you enjoy


Health Week has begun!

What a busy day we have had today. Our class had a taster session of Enjoy-a-ball and we learned how much more we can do now that we are older. Then Gary showed us how to hold the hockey stick so that we could play a challenge game.  Finally, Linda from The Drama Mill got us to listen to each other performing a little sketch we had made up. 4a also made fruity ice-lollies.

Castle Day by P4b

Everybody enjoyed castle day on the 14th of June. We all got to dress up as someone in a castle and all of the P4s and the teachers took part. We moved round four rooms doing different activities. We did medieval dancing with Mrs Barlow, jousting with Mrs Philips, castle technology with Mrs Little and crown making with Mrs Brodie and Mrs Burgon. My favourite was the medieval dancing. I really enjoyed every minute. (Written by Mairi)

“I was amazed at everyone’s costumes. I was a jester.” (Dylan)

“I enjoyed the crown making because we had to decorate them.” (Ben)

“I really enjoyed the jousting because we got to make a person on a horse standing up.” (Rebecca)

“My favourite acivity was the building because we had to build an archway and a catapult.” (Daniel)

“I enjoyed dressing up as a medieval peasant.” (Sophie)

“I liked building a lego seige tower.” (Jamie F.)