Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

P6 Jacobite Homework

P6     Homework Jan/Feb 2016

Please complete one task per week and bring it to hand in on a Monday.

This is for weeks beginning Monday 18th January, Monday 1st February, Monday 8th February

Task 1: Design or create a Jacobite costume.

 Learning Intention: To learn about the clothes worn and weapons used by some of the Highland Jacobite soldiers.

·         I can dress myself to look like a Jacobite or show my knowledge on paper.

·         I can label each item on my design and think about possible materials to use.

Task 2:     Weapons – Find out about weapons used by either Jacobites or Redcoats and make a model of your favourite.

 Learning Intention: To learn about the weapons used by some of the Highland Jacobite soldiers and Redcoats.

    • I can research the topic using books and the internet
    • I can find and select suitable materials and tools for the job. (Please check CAREFULLY with an adult first!!)
    • I can explain the process of making the weapon and how it might be used in battle.
    • I can find out the actual measurements of my chosen weapon.

Task 3: Choose either a Jacobite poem or a Jacobite song. Write it out in your best cursive script and try to make it look authentic. It should include suitable illustrations.

Learning Intention: To learn the meaning of a Jacobite poem/song.

  • I can set my work out in lines and verses.
  • I have got all the words spelt correctly with accurate punctuation.
  • I can match my illustrations to the content of my writing.

Task 4: Research your family tree. Try to investigate as far back as your parent/carer’s great grandparents, if possible.

Learning Intention: To investigate my own family history and present it in the form of a family tree.

  • I can set out my family tree in the correct way, using a ruler to link family members.
  • I can show and record the dates of key events e.g. births, marriages and deaths.

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

Fraction Wars!

In Primary 6B/7D we have enjoyed playing ‘Fraction Wars’!

We used our fraction walls to help compare different fractions.

Thursday, December 17th, 2015

Christmas Party

P6B Christmas Party Photo

We really enjoyed the Primary 6 Christmas Party yesterday!



Friday, December 4th, 2015

Maths Vocabulary!

Primary 6B have been learning about the different types of vocabulary associated with the four operations.

We have been playing a ‘Guess the maths term’ style game.  It was great fun!


Thursday, October 29th, 2015

Primary 6 Rainforest Homework

P6 Homework October – November 2015
Please choose four of the following six tasks. Complete one task per week and bring it to hand in/demonstrate in class. Homework tasks should be handed in on the following dates: Monday 2nd Nov, Monday 9th Nov, Monday 16th Nov, Monday 23rd Nov

Learning Intention: By comparing my local area with a contrasting area out with Britain, I can investigate the main features of weather and climate, discussing the impact on living things.

Task 1 Create an acrostic poem for the word RAINFOREST, or one of the named Rain Forests, e.g. The Amazon. Think about the words you would use to describe the rain forest and try and use them in your poem.

Success Criteria
• I have set out my work in the correct style of a poem.
• My work is attractively presented.
• I have given the poem a title.
• I can add up the number of points in each line of my poem.

Task 2 Some of the greatest rainforests are located near a mighty river. Create a fact file about one of these rivers.

Numeracy Challenge Write down how many kilometres your chosen river is in length. Can you use a calculator to convert this to metres? Centimetres?

Success Criteria
• I can present my work in an interesting/ attractive way.
• I have used pictures, maps and diagrams to help explain what I have found out.
• I can check the spelling of tricky and unfamiliar words.
• I can include at least 10 facts about my chosen river and make clear where in the world it is located.

Task 3 Prepare a 3 minute presentation about an animal that lives in the rainforest. Think about which layer of the rainforest it lives in, what it would eat and what special characteristics it has to survive.

Numeracy Challenge
Create a word problem about your rainforest animal to quiz your classmates. For example. The average life-span of an Anaconda is 10 years. 1 in every 10 Anacondas live to 30 years old. How many out of 100 Anacondas will live to 30 years old

Success Criteria
• I have researched key facts about my chosen animal.
• I can use pictures or props
• I can speak clearly and make eye-contact with my audience.
• I can create 3 questions about my presentation to test my audiences listening skills.

Task 4 Spend time looking through your cupboard for any items that come from a rainforest. Copy as much information as you can from the label, particularly where the product has come from. Eg. Coffee, spices or some cosmetics/ lotions.

• Numeracy Challenge. Write down how many grams (g) are in each of the packets/ bottles/ containers that you find. If you do not have scales at home, record how many grams were in a full packet.
Success Criteria
• I can include a list of at least 10 items to be found.
• I have neatly presented work.
• I can include an illustration of each product (drawn or printed).

Task 5 Imagine you are to spend the week with a Rainforest tribe. Write a diary entry for each day of that week describing what you did and how you felt.

Numeracy Challenge You will need to make 7 diary entries, discussing what you did on your 7 days in the Rainforest. Learn your 7 times tables this week. If you can, visit the link below and try to complete a 7 x table speed challenge set on 10 seconds per question. Perhaps you can do it in 7 seconds? 5 seconds?
Success Criteria
• I can describe the activities I did on each day (hunting, collecting berries, making clothes, making a shelter etc.)
• I can describe my feelings during that week. Was I scared? Nervous? Excited?
• I can proof read my work to check for spelling and punctuation.
• I can present my work neatly, writing in cursive script.

Task 6 Make a 3D model to illustrate the 4 main layers of a rainforest. You can use any materials you want. If you are stuck for ideas please see your teacher.

Success Criteria
• I can use a variety of materials to create my model.
• I can clearly label the 4 layers of the rainforest.
• I can include some common features of a rainforest in my model eg. Animals, rivers, waterfalls etc.

Monday, September 14th, 2015

Primary 6 Europe Homework

Primary 6 Homework September/October 2015

Please complete one task per week and bring it to hand in/demonstrate on a Monday. Homework tasks should be handed in on the following dates: Tuesday 22nd Sept, Monday 28th Sept, Monday 5th October and Tuesday 20th October.

Learning Intention: I am learning about the history, geography and culture of Europe.

Task 1: Create a word search about specific European topic eg. rivers, cities, famous people.

Success Criteria
• I have given my work a title and put on my name.
• I have included a list of at least 10 items to be found.
• I have presented my work neatly.

Task 2: Use a map or an atlas to plan a circuit journey around Europe stopping off at as many famous places as you can. (At least 6!)

Success Criteria:
• I have recorded my findings and included my name and a title.
• I have carefully checked the spellings of all words.
• I have included some illustration eg. signposts, diagrams, pictures

Task 3: Find out about any famous European person and write a FACT FILE about them. This must be in your own words, and not copied word for word.

Success Criteria:
• I have included their full name, date and place of birth and where they grew up.
• I have clearly explained how and why this person became famous.
• I can include a minimum of 8 facts and some pictures.

Task 4: Find a recipe for a European food. Write clear instructions for your chosen recipe.

Success Criteria:
• I can list the ingredients needed and amounts.
• I can write clear instructions for my chosen recipe.
• I can present my recipe in an attractive way e.g. picture of completed dish.

Task 5: Create a flag of a European country using any interesting materials that you can find!!!

Success Criteria:
• I have kept the colours correct in my model.
• I have used imagination in planning my flag.
• I can make the flag with a width of 15cm and length of 25cm.
• I can use a ruler accurately to draw straight lines.

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

Primary 6 Victorian Homework

P6 Homework May – June 2015

Please complete one task per week and bring it to hand in on Friday 22nd May, Friday 29th May, Friday 5th June and Friday 12th June

Learning Intention: – I am learning about various aspects of life in Victorian Britain.

Task 1: Create a poster or advertisement about a famous Victorian invention.

Success Criteria:
• I can research the topic using books and the internet.
• I can find and select suitable materials and content.
• I can explain the important impact this invention had.

Task 2: Find a recipe for a Victorian food, eg. Gingerbread men. With help from an adult, if needed, collect your ingredients and prepare the dish. Give your opinion on this food.

Success Criteria:
• I can list the ingredients needed
• I can follow a short set of instructions.
• I can record what the final food looked like
• I can describe the food using only 5 words.

Task 3: Imagine you are a servant in a large, Victorian mansion house. Write a letter home to your family explaining what jobs you have to do and some exciting things you have seen.

I will be successful when:
• I have added at least 10 key facts about my life.
• I have set out my work as a letter with correct layout.

Task 4: Make a Victorian Toy e.g. a thaumatrope.

Success Criteria
• Follow instructions carefully (with adult help).
• Choose suitable materials.
• Complete the task with care and attention.

Task 5: Research a method of transport invented in Victorian times. Share your findings in the form of a leaflet, powerpoint or model.

Success Criteria:
• I can research the topic using books and the internet
• I can find and select suitable materials and content for the presentation
• I can explain the important impact this method of transport had.

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

P6B Artist in Residence Visit

Primary 6 were recently visited by an artist in residence. P6B focused on Art for an entire day. This involved going out to the woods to create charcoal sketches, re-creating these sketches in paint back in the class and finally learning printing techniques. This was a really enjoyable day and here are some pictures of the class hard at work!

Artist in residence 007 Artist in residence 008 Artist in residence 012 Artist in residence 014 Artist in residence 016 Artist in residence 019 Artist in residence 022 Artist in residence 024 Artist in residence 018 Artist in residence 025 Artist in residence 026 Artist in residence 027 Artist in residence 028 Artist in residence 023 Artist in residence 029 Artist in residence 030 Artist in residence 031 Artist in residence 033 Artist in residence 035 Artist in residence 036 Artist in residence 037

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

P6B Bonnie Prince Charlie Visit & Jacobite Drama Workshop

P6B have been immersing themselves in all things Jacobite this week. Monday saw a visit from Bonnie Prince Charlie who taught the class about his life and how he fought to try and take the crown for his father. On Tuesday the class participated in a Jacobite workshop with a visiting drama specialist. This was a really fun afternoon where all pupils participated and got into role!

Jacobite Drama 001

Jacobite Drama 002

Jacobite Drama 003

Jacobite Drama 005

Jacobite Drama 006

Jacobite Drama 007

Jacobite Drama 008

Jacobite Drama 009

Jacobite Drama 010

Jacobite Drama 011

Jacobite Drama 012

Jacobite Drama 013

Jacobite Drama 014

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

P6 and P5/6 Christmas Party

P6 and P5/6 had a fantastic time at the Christmas Party this afternoon. The classes came together for country dancing and a range of fun games!
xmas party 007 xmas party 009 xmas party 010 xmas party 011 xmas party 012 xmas party 013 xmas party 014 xmas party 015 xmas party 016 xmas party 017 xmas party 018 xmas party 019 xmas party 021 xmas party 022 xmas party 025 xmas party 026 xmas party 028 xmas party 029 xmas party 032 xmas party 033 xmas party 038 xmas party 039 xmas party 040

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