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Dreaming the Bear by Mimi Thebo

December 14th, 2016 · 2 Comments · Reviews, UKLA

dreaming-the-bearDarcy never wanted to move to Yellowstone National Park; she loves everything about her urban life. Though she is struggling with her new life, she secretly befriends a bear. The bear needs help but Darcy is weak with illness and exhaustion. Children who are almost ready for YA fiction will love the way Dreaming the Bear has its own magic while being completely unsentimental.

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  • Lois P7X

    I liked, Dreaming the Bear by Mimi Thebo because of the connection between the bear and Darcy. I think that she would have put up more of a fight at the end.

  • Lily Rose P6Dreaming the Bear

    Dreaming the Bear is a beautiful book with lots of meaning behind the words. I fell in love with the relationship between Darcy and the bear and the trust they had in each other. It dips in and out of her own imaginary world which for some readers may be perplexing. As the story carries on we are introduced to new characters such as her brother, brother’s friend and her parents, as well as the wounded bear and how she meets her. This is certainly a moving book and made me cry a river! However I fully advocate this book to P6 and P7. I gave it 5 out of 5 stars!