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Greenling by Levi Pinfold

December 14th, 2016 · 2 Comments · Reviews, UKLA

greenlingMr. and Mrs. Barleycorn live a quiet life, alone and forgotten by the world. But something is growing on Barleycorn land, something that Mr. Barleycorn decides it would be best to take. And with this, for better or worse, he brings the outside…inside.

We reviewed this book for the UKLA book award and below are some quotes from P6B at Law PS. We would love to know what you thought about the book, please leave a comment to let us know.

“I liked it because it was creative”  4stars. Charlie

“I didn’t really like the story of the greenling but the illustrations were fantastic! I give this book 2/5” Orla F.

“I liked Greenling because the book cover lets you think about it and guess what’s the book about (we did ‘Isee, Ithink, I wonder’ in class) and it has very good illustrations and it’s a quite interesting and unique book.” 7/10 Rhana

“Good because Gran doesn’t like Greenling but then likes it. I’d give it a 3 and a half out of 5” Jamies

“I love the greenling because I wanted it to happen to me.” Kathryn

“I love both of them, I give them both 5/5 because it lets you picture the whole book” [about Greenling and The Thing about Jellyfish by Ali Benjamin] Nikki

“I liked the Greenling because it was a nice and funny story because it was mischievous. 81/2 out of 10.” Myles

“I liked the greeling weird different and cool. It was a really good book. 10/10” Robbi


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  • Eilidh P5

    This was a lovely book and the way the author had written it made it sound like a song. At one point I thought the lady was going to die because of one picture. There wasn’t much colour in it. I don’t think that the lady and the villagers liked the Greenling until the ending which was lovely. The book ended suddenly and I think there is hope for the future. I loved the pictures! The front cover made want to read the book and find out what it was about.

  • Millie P6

    I really liked this book but found it a bit strange in a nice sort of a way. The illustrations were so detailed and fantastic! I liked the old man who likes the Greenling and I think it changed his life and his wife’s life. At first they were lonely and then the Greenling made them happier by making the fruit and vegetables grow and then lots of people came so they had lots of visitors. I’d give it 4/5!