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How to Fight a Dragon’s Fury by Cressida Cowell

December 14th, 2016 · 2 Comments · Reviews, UKLA

dragonThe How to Train your Dragon series reaches its spectacular finale. It’s hard to be a hero when you feel very ordinary but Hiccup has to stop a war, safeguard the future of the dragons and discover whether he can become a wise king. Wonderfully witty, thought provoking and exciting, this book has so much to offer young readers.

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  • Gregor, Lasswade PS

    I think How to Fight a Dragons Fury is an amazing final book in the How To Train Your Dragon series. I think Cressida Cowell tied off her 12 book long series beautifully. My favorite character is Toothless. I really like the way the author leaves a mystery at the end.

  • Millie P6

    It’s interesting because this book is so different from the film of all the other books. Hiccup changes from a boy nobody likes, and who isn’t good at things that others are good at, to a boy who becomes a King and everyone loves him. They love him because he got rid of the dragon who was causing all the trouble. I met the author at a book signing and she had grown up on an island that she described in the book and she told me about all the things that sparked her imagination so that she could write it. The author did all the illustrations too and they were really, really good! They inspired me to do some art and draw dragons!