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Little Bits of Sky by S.E. Durrant

December 14th, 2016 · 2 Comments · Reviews, UKLA

little-bits-of-skySet in the late 1980’s perhaps children will see this as a historical novel. The breaking down of the Berlin Wall and Poll Tax demonstrations form a background to Ira and Zac’s lives in an inner city children’s home. A holiday in the country changes everything though not in the ways which you expect. This gem of a book is certain to be popular with many young readers.

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  • Ruth, Lasswade PS

    I thought that Little Bits Of Sky was amazing because it was so detailed but sad. I liked the ending but I thought that the story about Glenda was so different than normal and how she engraved her name in the window sill. I also liked how she wrote the letters and put them under the floor board.
    All together I liked the book but I thought when Zac ran away it was a bit obvious because he wanted to find his Mum. As its such an original story it deserves to win an award.

  • Lily Rose P6

    It was really beautiful in a very kind of different way. It was meaningful and I felt as if I was Ira because it was really well written and there were lots of personal feelings to her in it. The books tells you how she felt about Zac and how she felt in the home. She started off as the new person in the home and then at the end of the book she was the oldest one there. There was a lot to take in so it was challenging and I wished I had been a bit older when I read it. It deserves to win the award!