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The Thing About Jellyfish by Ali Benjamin

December 14th, 2016 · 5 Comments · Reviews, UKLA

jellyfishSuzy hasn’t spoken since her best friend drowned. Trying to find out why such a strong swimmer died in the water, she begins to research jellyfish. It could be that she’ll only find answers on the other side of the world. This remarkable depiction of grieving reaches out to older readers in the honesty of its characterisations and because it is full of believable incidents.




Below are some quotes from P6B at Law Primary School. We would love to know what you thought about this book, please leave a comment to let us know!

” I loved the Thing about Jellyfish because it feels like I am her” Kathryn

“I love both of them, I give them both 5/5 because it lets you picture the whole book” [about Greenling and The Thing about Jellyfish] Nikki

” I am quite liking this book as it is a very unique book and I realise that some people might not like it. I give this book 4/5″ Orla.


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  • lewis

    Lewis: I really loved reading The Thing About Jellyfish. It was really interesting how the author put the past and the present in different chapters. I would recommend this book to 9 10 and 11 year old but 7 and 8 would maybe not understand the story line as much. I thought that the character was very clever. I think that this should be the winner for the award.

  • sophie

    This has to be one of the best books I’ve ever read.I could never put this amazing book down the whole three days it took me too read it.It has such a sad story line and shows you how you never know what might happen next.I definitely think this great book should win the UKLA book award!

  • Jamal

    I thought The Thing About Jellyfish was a really good book because of how much the character called Suzy changed so much throughout the book and how she really wants to find out what happened to her best friend Franny.I really think because they put all of the facts about Jellyfish in there it really teaches you a thing or two about them.

  • ada

    Suzy has difficulties finding friends,
    but then her only one’s life ends.
    Even though their friendship had become less rich,
    Suzy still botherd to blame & research against jellyfish…

  • Niamh , Lasswade Primary School

    This is a beautiful book all about learning to move on and let go .I really like how the characters are sort of imperfect , like how you get the feeling that Suzy has Asperger’s and she finds it hard to fit in and the relation between Roco and Aaron .If i was to compare ‘ The Thing About Jellyfish ‘ to another book it would be ‘Counting By 7s ‘ . Once you’re finished reading ‘The Thing About Jellyfish ‘ i would definitely recommend reading ‘Counting By 7s ‘ by Holly Goldberg Sloan .I also enjoyed imagining Suzy and the main character of ‘Counting By 7s ‘ ,willow, as best friends .