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Time-Travelling with a Hamster by Ross Welford

December 14th, 2016 · 3 Comments · Reviews, UKLA

timetravellingPye receives a letter on his twelfth birthday telling him how to work the time machine hidden in his cellar and prevent his father’s death. The letter was written four years previously; they’ve moved house and no twelve-year-old ever follows instructions exactly. Ross Welford balances heart and humour with immense skill to create a very endearing book.

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  • Isla P5c, Emily P5

    I read the book and I found it a little confusing because there was so many different things going on. It was sometimes worrying because I didn’t want bad things to happen and I thought they were going to happen but I still wanted to read on and find out so that I knew! I liked the ending because it is happy. Isla

    I really wanted to know what happened but it was scary in bits and I think it would be better for P7 and up to read. Emily

  • Hannah Lasswade PS

    This was the best book I have read EVER! I really love it but the cover made it look like it was one of these books that is a bit silly and funny and it really wasn’t . It was kind of sad but a totally amazing read I think it should have a different cover but other than that it was AWESOME! It is set around Tyne and Weir and because I have been there it really related to me but totally AMAZING for anyone over 10 .I would recommend it to people who like a book that is almost believable and a bit sad at the same time. I think it definitely deserves to win the UKLA book award and I would give it 10/10!

  • Calum P4

    I found this book really interesting and funny. There were some sad bits when you found out how his Dad died. Every time time my Mum said I had to stop reading it and put the lights out, I would read it in secret because there were lots of cliffhangers! I liked that the bully was a big softie at home. I give it 5 out 0f 5