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Greenling by Levi Pinfold

December 14th, 2016 · 2 Comments · Reviews, UKLA

greenlingMr. and Mrs. Barleycorn live a quiet life, alone and forgotten by the world. But something is growing on Barleycorn land, something that Mr. Barleycorn decides it would be best to take. And with this, for better or worse, he brings the outside…inside.

We reviewed this book for the UKLA book award and below are some quotes from P6B at Law PS. We would love to know what you thought about the book, please leave a comment to let us know.

“I liked it because it was creative”  4stars. Charlie

“I didn’t really like the story of the greenling but the illustrations were fantastic! I give this book 2/5” Orla F.

“I liked Greenling because the book cover lets you think about it and guess what’s the book about (we did ‘Isee, Ithink, I wonder’ in class) and it has very good illustrations and it’s a quite interesting and unique book.” 7/10 Rhana

“Good because Gran doesn’t like Greenling but then likes it. I’d give it a 3 and a half out of 5” Jamies

“I love the greenling because I wanted it to happen to me.” Kathryn

“I love both of them, I give them both 5/5 because it lets you picture the whole book” [about Greenling and The Thing about Jellyfish by Ali Benjamin] Nikki

“I liked the Greenling because it was a nice and funny story because it was mischievous. 81/2 out of 10.” Myles

“I liked the greeling weird different and cool. It was a really good book. 10/10” Robbi


The Mystery Of The Man With The Black Beard.

May 31st, 2016 · Comments Off on The Mystery Of The Man With The Black Beard. · Reviews

Man black beard

This book is dyslexia friendly and ideal if you like a quick read. Accelerated Reader 3.20.

Annie’s dad is a crime buster. One day a strange looking man turns up at the house.

Join Annie and her friends as they follow the clues to solve the crime.

8/8 pupils in Preston Lodge High School would recommend this book, as a quick easy story to read.



Candy Girl

May 31st, 2016 · Comments Off on Candy Girl · Reviews

Candy Girl

This is a dyslexia friendly book and ideal if you like a quick read.

Follow Dixie on her adventure at Candy Magazine , as she meets models, works behind the scenes and get to meet Sharron the Agony Aunt.

This book is a 4.2 for Accelerated Reader and  3/5 pupils in Preston Lodge High School would recommend to a friend.


Visit Preston Lodge Library!

May 31st, 2016 · Comments Off on Visit Preston Lodge Library! · Reviews

Here our librarian Kate King offers you a welcome!


The Twits by Roald Dahl

January 5th, 2015 · Comments Off on The Twits by Roald Dahl · Reviews

The Twits is a very, very good book! It was hard to put it down.  It was one of the best books I have read this school year. My favourite bit was near the end when the house got turned upside down.

By Luca Rapson, Ryan Robertson and Amber Devin


Skeleton Key By Anthony Horowitz

January 5th, 2015 · Comments Off on Skeleton Key By Anthony Horowitz · Reviews

Hi peeps, We’ve  just read the book above. It was super ENGAGING. We loved this book so much we wanted to read all the books in the series.  If we could rate this book It would obviously be 10!!!!!      =)

Reuben Simpson & Dylan Allen   Saltoun Primary School.


Greenaway Shortlist – reviewed by Wallyford Primary

July 27th, 2012 · Comments Off on Greenaway Shortlist – reviewed by Wallyford Primary · Greenaway Shortlist, Primary, Reviews

Wolf Won’t Bite! by Emily Gavett 

Three cheeky little circus pigs make a wild wolf jump through hoops (literally), endure feats of astounding derring-do, and even withstand perilous games of dress-up. Safe in the thought that “Wolf Won’t Bite!” they even put their heads between his jaws . . . but can you push a wolf too far?

P3/4: ” Funny and short” “Not the best for our age but recommended for Nursery, P1 and P2”.

There are no cats in this book by Viviane Schwarz

Our furry friends from There Are Cats in This Book – Tiny, Moonpie and André – have returned, and this time they are filled with the spirit of adventure – they are off to see the world! They have their suitcases packed and are ready to set off – but they can’t seem to get out of the book. They try pushing their way out, and jumping their way out but nothing works. Finally they decide to WISH themselves out and they are going to need your help!
P2/3 “Think this book is really funny and good. AMAZING!”

P3/4: “It was long,  funny, silly, good, amazing – really involved us as readers – weird and wonderful” “would have liked it to have dogs” “Liked the ‘wishing’ part”

The Gift by Carol Anne Duffy (author) and Rob Ryan (illustrator)

The exceptional talents of Carol Ann Duffy and papercut artist Rob Ryan combine to present the story of a girl’s journey through life and the desires that shape it. The Gift portrays the cycle of life in a subtle, accessible way while exploring themes of birth, death, love and the importance of family and friends. 

P3/4 “Strange – gave goosepimples. Unusual story in a good way”

“Lots of pages – fantastic – took you through her life”

“Spooky story – scary when the woman disappeared”

“Good – Good ending”


Wheel of time: Book one, Eye of the world

March 8th, 2011 · Comments Off on Wheel of time: Book one, Eye of the world · Reviews, Uncategorized

The Eye of the World (Wheel of Time)

Starting a Series of thirteen books, all of which are in the eight hundred plus page count category, is a daunting experience. The book eases you in with great amounts of exposition that really can make you put the book down with the boredom of listening to a character divulge the entire history of a civilization in one sitting. The author is not alone in treating the reader like a moron [Read more →]


The Book Of the New Sun Vol. 1 by Gene Wolfe

March 4th, 2011 · Comments Off on The Book Of the New Sun Vol. 1 by Gene Wolfe · Reviews, Uncategorized


Shadow and Claw: The First Half of the Book of the New Sun

Recently voted the greatest fantasy of all time, after The Lord of the Rings andThe Hobbit, Gene Wolfe’s The Book of the New Sun is an extraordinary epic, set a million years in the future, on an Earth transformed in mysterious and wondrous ways, in a time when our present culture is no longer even a memory. Severian, the central character, is a torturer, exiled from his guild after falling in love with one of his victims, and journeying to the distant city of Thrax, armed with his ancient executioner’s sword, Terminus Est.

The glowing praise and accolades placed upon this book are much to live up too. It won both a World Fantasy award and a Nebula Award two of the most prestigious awards in Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I went into this expecting great things and I got them, right away the book throws you into the story and never lets off. The main character is [Read more →]


Love Struck! by Rachel Wing

March 1st, 2011 · Comments Off on Love Struck! by Rachel Wing · Reviews, Uncategorized

Love Struck by Rachael Wing

Glam new girl Emily is causing waves at school, but Holly’s not impressed. She can’t understand what all the boys see in her – especially when it comes to Jonah, Holly’s secret crush, and Wes, her best friend. But when Holly, Wes, Jonah and Emily get tickets to the hottest music festival of the summer, the scene is set for all kinds of romantic muddle, mayhem, and a touch of magic…

“This was a good book because it had a good plot.” Olivia Gillespie

“I really liked the ending and how all the characters developed to be show in a different light.” Ellen Hamilton